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Hear Care Experience You Can Trust

Lansdowne Hearing is the leader in Delaware County and West Philadelphia.  We provide the most comprehensive care for all your hearing needs and have since 1987. We offer home visits, assisted living visits and will see you in our Lansdowne offices.

We offer free expert advice over the phone, testing of the latest devices as well as the best prices for hearing aids. We are hearing experts who would be happy to assist you in finding the perfect hearing loss solution. With our office and home visit service, you can rest assured that the perfect hearing aid is available close or actually “in your home”!

We first learn about your specific hearing needs, your hearing history and what is important to you.  Do you watch TV much?  Is the phone a problem?  Is it hard to hear your family?  Then, we give you free testing and select from the top manufacturers for a high technology solution so that you can enjoy hearing again.

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Lansdowne Hearing advantages

  • Free meeting, hearing loss test, and trial of hearing aids
  • Comfort of local provider regularly trained by providers
  • Home visits for those homebound
  • Many financing options for customers (including insurance considerations)
  • Trusted by thousands of customers in Delaware County and Philadelphia
  • Company providing hearing aids and repair since 1987


At a certain point you get tired of asking people to repeat things and you don’t want to read lips anymore.  Lansdowne Hearing can help you to schedule a free appointment.  If you are curious about how we have helped others, take a look at what they have to say at Customer Voices.

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