Accessories are defined as anything that is helps the hearing aids.  This includes wax filters and dryers for hearing aids.  There are also high technology accessories like remote controls, smart phone apps and rechargeable batteries.  Lansdowne Hearing can help you with the appropriate accessories for your lifestyle.

Want to know more about hearing aid accessories?

Accessories that are are typically used by many customers are included below:

eCharger:  This charger simplifies things so you do not have to worry about running out of hearing aid batteries.  The eCharger recharges and dehumidifies your hearing aids in five hours (overnight), so that your hearing aids are ready in the morning.  Replace these batteries once per year.  Aids fully charge in 5 hours and hearing aids will last 12-14 of continuous use.

hearing aid cellion charger

Cellion charger:  Enjoy the latest development with batteries that last 3-5 years.  This is the world’s first inductive charging hearing aid with lithion-ion 2.0 charging technology.  That means that there are no metal, electrical contacts.  Just set the hearing aids in the cradle to safely charge them.  Aids fully charge in 4 hours and will operate for 24 hours of continuous use.

hearing aid smart phone remote control

Smart phone remote control:  It is nice to pull out your smart phone.  After you text, now you can adjust the volume on your hearing aids.  You can do this in a crowd and no one will know you are adjusting your hearing aids.  New smart phone apps put complete control of your hearing aids at your fingertips.  This is available for iPhone and Android smart phone users.  The app also adjusts programs, bass, treble and spatial sounds by direction.

hearing aid key chain remote control

Key chain remote control:  You can adjust your hearing aids from your key chain.  This remote control is discreet and a good idea if you want convenient control of your hearing aids.  The key chain remote is small enough to carry with your keys, but strong enough to change programs and volume.

hearing aid pocket remote control

Pocket remote control:  This is a slightly larger version of the key chain remote.  It has a visual display that allows you to see when you change the program or volume.  This is suited for people who like to see the changes they make.

TV Transmitter:  This transmitter allows audio streaming.  You can get audio directly from your TV to your hearing aids wirelessly.  This box is the size of a box of playing cards.  The box connects to your TV and the audio wirelessly travels into your hearing aids.