BlueCross BlueShield Federal Employee Program




Federal Government Employees: Your FEP plan pays for your hearing aids! (and for family members too.)

 The Blue Cross Blue Shield PPO Federal Employee Program typically covers hearing evaluations and essential hearing aids under the program for U.S. federal government employees and immediate family members.  Final determination of benefits is made by Blue Cross Blue Shield.

  • Schedule a hearing evaluation appointment for hearing aids.
  • Plan benefits are available to BCBS members in the Continental United States.
  • Plan pays for essential hearing aids, you can upgrade to hearing aids that support Bluetooth, Speech language translation, fall detection, health tracking and other popular features.
  • 2 Year No-Fault Repair Warranty and Insurance Against Loss or Damage.

As explained in your Medicare Brochure you can receive an allowance of up to $2500 every 3 calendar years for the purchase of hearing aids and supplies.

Ask How to Pay $0 on Brand Name Digital Hearing aids!

If you have insurance with Blue Cross Blue Shield, Carefirst Federal, Aetna Federal, United Healthcare Federal, Optima Health Insurance or GEHA, the these plans have been updated to make treating hearing loss for federal employees easier, more affordable, and depending on your hearing loss, most of the time it is free with Lansdowne Hearing Aids.

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Once we have conducted your hearing examination, we will fit you with your hearing aids and customize them to fit your lifestyle and hearing loss. You do not need a credit card to secure you high-end name brand quality hearing aids.

If you are struggling with impaired hearing and have an insurance plan as a result of federal employment or as a federal retiree, then call Lansdowne Hearing Aids and schedule your free hearing test without ever leaving your home.