Reduce Your Risk of Falling, Improve Balance, Spatial Awareness, and a Feeling of Safety Using Your Eyes and this Hearing Solution



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Friday, January 14, 2022

Tony Napoletano has been helping clients for years in eastern DELCO and Philadelphia feel like they are not likely to fall. Also, they have a better sense of themselves in space (balance) and will feel safer as they become more aware of objects around them.

Let’s be honest, no one wants to fall or feel unbalanced.

Although much is written about physical therapy to address balance, most people do not realize that “Hearing Loss” is responsible for many balance issues.  Sounds and sight work together to provide spatial awareness of objects in a room.  Tony Napoletano is providing solutions with proper hearing assessments, fitting of revolutionary hearing devices, and on-going support.

Tony Napoletano expressed his satisfaction with the performance of selected hearing aids: “We can now offer a solution to improve the spatial awareness of a client using a walker.   This increases their confidence to walk without bumping into objects and all of this is done for a reasonable price!”

A study1 showed that hearing loss is tied to 3-fold higher incidence of injury causing falls.  Utilization of properly selected and fitted hearing aids immediately increases a person’s ability to walk more confidently.

A study by Dr. Lin at Johns Hopkins2 states that another reason hearing loss might increase the risk of falls is cognitive load, in which the brain is overworked with demands on its limited resources.  Gait and balance are then sacrificed when someone has a hearing loss.

Lansdowne Hearing is happy to offer solutions to restore proper hearing levels. This will eliminate excess cognitive loads and gives more energy and awareness for those in walkers to move safely.

Here’s how you can get started:

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1, Hearing Loss Triples Risk of Falling Study 2012
2 Dr. Frank Line of Johns Hopkins, Co-Author of Study,
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