Since both ears experience your environment, hearing loss affects both of your ears.  Binaural means “both ears” and binaural hearing aids means both a left and a right hearing aid.  As you know, hearing aids are actually miniature, computer equipment.  They allow you to stream your iPhone and TV directly into your hearing aids.

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Below, you can read about what binaural hearing aids offer and how they can make your listening experience much more pleasant. Of course, Lansdowne Hearing is available to help you with any questions related to hearing loss.

Want to know more about binaural hearing aids?

Lansdowne Hearing supplies binaural hearing aids that are wireless so they actually communicate with one another and the surrounding environment to deliver you speech clarity like you had when you were 21 years old.  When you have two hearing aids for the two ears you were given, you experience sound like you had when you did not have a hearing loss.  The left and the right aids communicate with each other to provide speech clarity like you had normal hearing!  When you have hearing loss in both ears, you should wear hearing aids in both ears.

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Binaural (two ears) hearing is more relaxing to hear and puts your ears and brain at more comfort when listening.  After the sound comes through your hearing aids into your ears, your ear drum processes the sounds.  When they are transmitted into your cochlea in your inner ear, nerve impulses are sent through the brain stem and into the acoustic imaging centers in the cerebral cortex of the opposite temporal lobe.  In short, your brain is expecting auditory sounds from both ears into both sides of your brain.  Without this, your brain struggles to hear things properly and this is why you need binaural hearing aids.

Binaural hearing aids today work together to provide a 360 degree surround sound experience.  They process signals coming into both ears so you will know exactly where people are located around you.  It will take less effort for you to hear with two hearing aids as you will not need to constantly turn your head so that your ear with a hearing is facing the speaker.

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Your brain processes sounds from both ears and identifies exactly the source of those sounds.  This is called sound localization.  This is helpful for safety and just normal living.  When sound localization is low, your safety is compromised when you are in an unfamiliar place.  This can include instances when walking inside or outside where traffic exists.  Binaural hearing aids allow accurate sound localization and therefore assure your safety.

Lansdowne Hearing helps people from West Philadelphia to Delaware County, PA to find hearing aids that fit their budget.   For your binaural hearing aids, the price depends on the technology level required to reach the best speech clarity for you.  This varies from the basic to premium level and also changes based on other functionality such as tinnitus maskers, TV remotes, direct streaming from your iPhone and other benefits.  You can get a free hearing test and try the hearing aids in the office for free and we can find a solution that works for your budget.  Call us at 610-259-9441 or complete this form to schedule a free trial!

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Monaural or binaural hearing aid?

Do you wear one sneaker or one glove?  Do you brush only one side of your mouth or only cut your nails on one hand?  These questions might sound silly, but it is to show how equally important it is to take care of both ears and wear binaural hearing aids.  The trial is free at Lansdowne Hearing, so call 610-259-9441 or complete the form and we will schedule a good time for you so you can hear the difference!Learn More Today!