Today many Bluetooth hearing aids can connect directly to cell phone and accessories are available to help all Bluetooth hearing aids connect directly to your cell phone.  These accessories can also provide hands-free capability so you can leave your phone in your pocket or pocketbook and answer the phone by either touching the hearing aid or the accessory hanging on a lanyard around your neck.

What Is Bluetooth?

Bluetooth wireless connectivity is one of the latest ways that hearing aid companies have made hearing aid a lot better and helpful in patient’s everyday lives.  Bluetooth hearing aids allow your hearing aids to connect to your phone, your TV and other Bluetooth devices to capture sound directly from the TV and other Bluetooth devices.

Cell Phone Accessories Compatible with Hearing Aids

Cell phone accessories can give you hands-free cell phone usage, allow you to use the device as a microphone to capture conversations 30 feet away, and activate and turn off phone calls.

Cell phone companies provide hearing aid compatible cell phones to hearing aids can be paired with many of the latest hearing aid models.  Try to make sure your cell phone is compatible with Bluetooth for your hearing aids so you can have Bluetooth as an option for your hearing aids.

Your Hearing Instrument Specialist can demonstrate how Bluetooth sounds on your phone by connecting the accessory, your phone and the hearing aids together.  Older phones may not operate as smoothly as smartphones bought in the past 3-4 years.