“I love coming to Lansdowne Hearing and they helped me to hear.  They are the right people to help you with your hearing.  I am glad to be able to hear.  I love coming to see them.  They do a great job!  I am from South Philly and I love coming to Lansdowne Hearing.”

happy customer
Larry M.

“Before my hearing aids, I did not realize that the ticking of the grandfather clock could actually be heard.  I also did not know that my tinnitus could be masked.  Lansdowne Hearing has exceeded my expectations.  Now, it’s easier to hear my husband with my Rexton Emerald hearing aids.  He no longer has to raise his voice for me to hear him!”

happy customer
Barbara P.

“I like the fact that I can hear now.  Being able to hear helps me with work and my family.  I would highly recommend Lansdowne Hearing to anyone who can’t hear everything.”

happy customer
Teresita B.

“Lansdowne Hearing made me happy again!  They went straight to the problem and solved it.  I can hear my wife again and I am happy.  I got several adjustments and Lansdowne Hearing has been very accommodating with my schedule.”

happy customer
Elias C.

 “I enjoy doing business with Lansdowne Hearing.  Now, I can hear my family and friends again.  I would recommend Lansdowne Hearing to my friends and everyone!”

happy customer
Anne D.

“Lansdowne Hearing helped me to hear a lot better than another company.  They listened to me, were patient and kind, and made me feel at home.  They always make me feel comfortable and help me.”

Mary S.

“When I first came to Lansdowne Hearing I was most appreciative of the thorough evaluation and explanation of the hearing test and recommendation for the hearing aid to meet my needs.  Several years later when I needed another hearing aid, the experience was the same.  My newest aid is programmable through an app on my cell phone.  Whenever I have called with questions or repairs, the service is immediate.  I now wear two aids and would not think of going elsewhere.”

Suzanne W.

“The hearing aids are wonderful and Lansdowne Hearing is wonderful!  For me, they are very convenient to put on and take off.  I live with a Sister and her aids come out of her ears all the time.  I do not have any problems with my aids coming off.  I don’t even realize that I have them on during the day.  I would definitely recommend Lansdowne Hearing!”

happy customer 5
Sister Theresa

“I strongly recommend Lansdowne Hearing.  I am 39 years old and I have not been able to hear very well since I was a teenager.  Now, I can hear and my children and I are so happy.  It was a very exciting, happy, and emotional experience for me and my family when I finally got my hearing aids.  Now, I don’t have to read people’s lips or make people repeat themselves.  I am a happy Mom!”

happy customer 3
Shirley O.

“My whole life is centered around being able to hear adequately.  Being able to know I can get a solution for hearing is great and Lansdowne Hearing helped me!  If I can’t hear, I get depressed.  Now, I can hear my family and friends and I am not depressed.  Lansdowne Hearing found me financing for my hearing aids so I could immediately get the hearing aids at a low, monthly payment.  Come in and talk to Lansdowne Hearing and they will help you.  It has been a Godsend for me!  They have been so patient with me and I don’t get rushed when I come in for a visit.  If you need someone that is patient with you then Lansdowne Hearing is definitely the place!”

happy customer 4
Terry S.