“Come down to Lansdowne Hearing where they give you a personal touch and they are the best.  My hearing aids are quite invisible and managed through my cell phone.  I look and feel great with the hearing aids.  It also helps with the tinnitus.  They are always willing to help with adjustments.  I can hear again which is great for my family and friends.”

happy customer 1
Barbara G.

“At Lansdowne Hearing, they are friendly, patient and keep making adjustments to my hearing aids until I am satisfied!  I really appreciate that about Lansdowne Hearing!  Also, I love that my Signia (Siemens) Primax Cellion hearing aids are re-chargeable!  I’m an ER Nurse and am on the go, and I can’t imagine dealing with changing batteries in the middle of a busy shift.”

happy customer 2
Gail M.

“In 50 years of wearing hearing aids, I never encountered an audiologist that was so caring and tiring in his efforts to give me quality hearing. With the Signia (Siemens) Primax hearing aids I hear the television now and I never heard it before. I hear the words on the TV and don’t use closed caption anymore. If Lansdowne Hearing can’t help you, no one can. They are fantastic! I control the hearing aids with my key chain remote control. I am so happy I can hear!”

Dolores Z.

“I have found that my hearing aid has helped in noisy settings such as work or restaurants.  It has taken the confusion out of that type of environment.  With my family, I find I don’t need to say “what”.

Lori H.

“Lansdowne Hearing has gone above the standard of care and helped me regain my hearing level to take back a portion of my life. The Signia (Siemens) Primax hearing aids have been great from the beginning.”

Terry C.

“I am very happy with the service I received and I highly recommend them.  My ear molds are very comfortable and I can hear my wife clearly for the first time in years!”

Russell S.

“It is difficult for me to get around and it was convenient when Lansdowne Hearing came to my home.  They tested me and fitted me with hearing aids in my home and I was very well pleased.  I definitely recommend Lansdowne Hearing and I did recommend them to some of my friends!”

Elizabeth D.

“I am very happy that Lansdowne Hearing came to my home and fitted me with new hearing aids.  It was good that they got financing with a low monthly payment.  I am very happy that I can hear now, because there is so much I miss.  I would highly recommend Lansdowne Hearing!”

Alberta L.