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Ear care

Lansdowne Hearing knows that hearing loss changes the quality of your life.  Most people have five senses so when you lose your hearing, you are losing 20% of your senses.  If this was a test, your top possible grade would be an 80%.  Everyone with hearing loss in Eastern Delaware County, PA and Philadelphia should contact Lansdowne Hearing to restore their hearing capabilities.  You do it for yourself, your family and your friends.

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As we already mentioned, your body is interconnected and one ailment can cause problems in another part of your body.  We learned that diabetics, those with cardiovascular disorders, and patients undergoing chemotherapy develop more hearing loss than others.

Dementia, significant depression and a history of falling is more prevalent in those with untreated, hearing loss than those who can hear.

“After struggling for years to hear, Lansdowne Hearing helped me to see how bad my hearing was.  Once I put the hearing aids in, I realized how bad my hearing was and thank God I was able to hear again.  Hearing better lets e to be more aware of what is going on around me.  Now, someone does not have to get in front of my face to get my attention.”
Tom M.

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Below are some possible causes, symptoms and treatment options for your ears so you can be informed:

The above links help you to understand more about your hearing system, your ears and your environment.  We at Lansdowne Hearing would like to consult with you about your hearing and determine your hearing health, your hearing loss and how we can restore the quality of your life.

Lansdowne Hearing advantages

  • Free meeting, hearing loss test, and trial of hearing aids
  • Comfort of local provider regularly trained by providers
  • Home visits for those homebound
  • Many financing options for customers (including insurance considerations)
  • Trusted by thousands of customers in Delaware County and Philadelphia
  • Company providing hearing aids and repair since 1987

At a certain point you get tired of asking people to repeat things and you don’t want to read lips anymore.  Lansdowne Hearing can help you by just clicking below to schedule a free appointment.

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Hearing aids in a nutshell

Hearing aids can help improve your hearing by making sounds louder and clearer.  At the same time, they highlight speech so that you can focus on spoken works and be able to distinguish them from the background noise.

Lansdowne Hearing will help to choose the right solution for you.  You are an individual and your ears are unique too just like your finger tips.  The shape of your ears, your hearing loss level, and lifestyle are key drivers determining the right hearing aids for you.  Lansdowne Hearing works with the leading manufacturers and offer affordable prices for your budget.  We also will help you with any accessories that will help with your lifestyle.

Hearing aids have shrunk in size while growing in capabilities over the past 25 years.  Today, hearing aids give increased speech clarity, enhanced sound quality and improved localization.  Wearing two hearing aids makes it easier to understand other’s speech in normal and noisy, background situations.  When hearing through two hearing aids, sounds have fuller quality and feel more balanced.  Volume levels can be set lower, reducing distortion. With two hearing aids, the brain receives sound from both ears which makes it easier to tell where the sound is coming from.  This is called localization which tells you which way to turn when someone is calling you from behind.


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