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Funny excuses for losing hearing aids

Obviously, it is never funny when you lose your hearing aids but there is a Loss and Damage policy that comes with all Lansdowne Hearing products so realize that you have some insurance on the hearing aids that you buy.  We have experienced the reasons listed below from customers.  Although we never hope this happens to anyone, it does help to keep your sense of humor about tough situations sometimes.  More seriously, we provide you with a secure way to fit your hearing aids every morning.


Want to know some funny excuses?

1 “My grandchild hit it with their toy hammer”

Toys are not made to work like the real thing, but they still can be realistic.  I guess this is why kids like toys so they can act like their parents sometimes.  We think this is very true when it comes to toy tool sets for kids.  They sometimes want to see if they really work.  One of our clients testified to the arm strength and accuracy of their grand child who connected on his swings to his grandfather’s hearing aids.

2 “I slept with it in a hotel”

Although some people have been known to sleep with their hearing aids, we suggest taking them out to recharge or give them a rest when you rest.  One of our clients figured out that the cleaning people must have run the hearing aids through the hotel linen service before they ever located them.

Thank goodness for loss and damage protection!


I want to hear my family’s speech clearly now!


3 “Riding waves with my family at the beach is not a good idea”

Although most hearing aids that we supply help make you feel like you are 21 years old again, you sometimes have to remember that you are not.

When you are at the beach with your family and friends, it is fine to wear them on the beach but please keep them out of the ocean.  If you want to swim with your hearings, there are waterproof hearing aids that we can custom make for you that swimmers actually use.

4 “My cat pawed them from the case at night and my husband stepped on one of them”

Cats can be very inquisitive.  In some cases, this is bad if they focus on your hearing aids in an open case while you are sleeping.  If you store your aids in an open case at night to allow any moisture evaporation, please make sure they are out of the cat’s reach.

Thank goodness for Cat and Dog insurance!  Just kidding, but there is Loss and Damage experience that you will receive.

Try the world’s first natural own voice!  Clinically proven to be the best!

Signia (Siemens) Nx:

  • Most natural hearing experience
  • Improves immediate acceptance of your own voice by 75%
  • Outstanding speech quality
  • Crystal clear sound in all listening environments
  • World’s first Own Voice Processing (OVPTM)

Signia (Siemens) Nx was clinically proven in a 2017 “First Fit Study” conducted at Hörzentrum Oldenburg and a clinical study done at the University of Northern Colorado and published in February 2018.  Lansdowne Hearing can help you hear like you were 21 years old again!