Many people carry a smart phone everywhere they go so it is natural to use your phone in any social setting.  That said, your phone can be used to discreetly change programs on your hearing aids or change the volume on them.  These apps put full control in your hands.  The Siemens myControl™ App puts complete control of your new Signia hearing aids at your fingertips. Available for iOS® and Android™ phones, the app offers advanced remote control options so you can change settings and personalize your hearing aids according to your individual preferences.

Want to know more about hearing aid apps?

The best idea is to start using your phone app once you start using your hearing aids so it becomes second nature to you.  The myHearing App helps you to enjoy the ease of changing programs or changing volume as simple as pressing a button or sliding your finger on the screen.  Lansdowne Hearing will help to download the applicable app onto your phone and then will program your phone with your hearing aid programs so that you can start changing programs on demand.

These phone apps give you complete discretion in the palm of your hands.  No one will know, but when you leave our offices or we leave your home, we will turn your smartphone into a discreet remote control for your hearing aids.  You will be able to enjoy a high level of handling comfort right at your fingertips with the touchControl™ App.  In addition to changing hearing programs, you can also change the volume and base and treble for your listening comfort. 

Speech clarity hearing aids

Signia sells the Primax line of BTE and ITE hearing aids which are suitable for connecting with apps.  The Signia spatial configurator allows the user to select if they want to hear 360 degrees or just focused in a certain direction. Up to 6 programs can be selected as the smart phone controls the hearing aids.  The hearing aids are suitable for all levels of hearing loss, from mild to severe.

Rexton supplies the Stellar and Emerald line of BTE and ITE hearing aids which work well with smart phone apps.  The smart phone app can select and change programs, adjust the volume in any program, and change the bass and treble within any program.  The hearing aids are suitable for all hearing loss levels and offer a variety of long-term battery options.