After you choose your hearing aids after your hearing evaluation, your Hearing Instrument Specialist will program the hearing aids based on a prescription, to meet your hearing needs.  The Hearing Instrument Specialist will tell you the proper way to use the hearing aids, how to place them on and in your ears, how to remove them, how to use your recharger (or disposable batteries), and daily ear care for your ears and the hearing aids.  We suggest you bring a family member or friend to the appointment to discuss and understand all the results and recommendations.

Learning About Your Hearing Aids

When you place the hearing aids on and in your ears for the first time, you will have different feelings about the sounds that you hear.
This sensation is typical so be at ease.  The purpose of the hearing aids is to make sounds around you clear, comfortable, and audible.  Adjustments can be done to the hearing aids as you interact with the environment at your first fitting.  The Hearing Instrument Specialist may do may add programs, connect accessories, add tinnitus therapies and make other adjustments.

Customizing Fitting Your Hearing Aids

You Hearing Instrument Specialist will question you and identify situations, people, and sound sources that you have difficulty hearing.  Your answers help us to create the most clarity and best listening experience possible with your new hearing aids.  As you wear your hearing aids in more environments and experience different sounds, you may have questions or want things addressed.  Additional customization to your hearing aids can be done during follow-up visits with your Hearing Instrument Specialist.

Making Adjustments to Hearing Aids

Your positive attitude helps you to more quickly have success with your hearing aids and hearing aid studies have proven this.  When you, your spouse or partner, and your family happily welcome your hearing aid fitting the results will become outstanding more quickly.  Remember, it may take a little time to get used to hearing the sounds that you were missing, but the benefits greatly outweigh the temporary adjustment period.  Your Hearing Instrument Specialist will monitor your adjustment closely and make modifications to your hearing aids as needed.