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Hearing aid facts

Size, clarity and high technology features are some of the amazing developments that have happened over the years.  From 0 Hz to 8,000 Hz frequency, sophisticated digital hearing aids process incoming sounds and recreate to naturally provide a comfortable listing experience.  Lansdowne Hearing wants to help you understand the newest technologies and how they can help you with your hearing loss.

Want to know more surprising facts about hearing aids?

Below are some facts about hearing aids so you can quickly learn how high tech these devices truly are:

  • Variety:  There are over 1,500 models currently available and Lansdowne Hearing has access them through the major hearing aid manufacturers
  • Size:   They are not your grandfather’s hearing aid.  These discreet, high technology hearing aids change people’s lives with he speech clarity they deliver so you can hear again like you were 21 years old again!
  • Weight:  Hearing aids are so discreet today that many of our customers often forget they are wearing them.

  • High technology:  They are minicomputers and process incoming sounds by breaking down the digital sound and processing it so you can hear like a 21 year old again.
  • Directional:  Hearing aid provide 360 degree spatial awareness as they are “e2e” wireless which means they communicate with one another to access the surrounding environment and process sounds accordingly for you.
  • Bluetooth:  You can stream your iPhone calls or TV audio directly into your hearing aids.  Your grandfather’s hearing aids could not do that!

  • Artificial intelligence:  Your hearing aids will work in automatic situation mode.  Without you thinking, they are sensing the surrounding environment to see if you are in a noisy place, with many people or at a concert.  They will then automatically adjust the settings to adapt to your environment and change the operational parameters so you can best hear in any environment.
  • Rechargeability:  The latest hearing aids actually come with batteries that you do not have to replace for 3-5 years.  Customers using these lithium ion batteries are just thrilled!
  • Remote controls:  Your smart phone can double as a remote control for your hearing aids.  Alternatively, you can choose a key chain or pocket remote control.


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