As technology advances, hearing aids continue to get smaller and filled with higher technology.  Discreet is a mantra that is followed and all modern devices are virtually undetectable by family and friends!

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The all-new Silk hearing aid by Signia

Tiny aid inside ear canal
silk hearing aids

In 2017, Signia (Siemens) unveiled a nearly invisible hearing aid that’s you can try at Lansdowne Hearing.  This product is the first ready-to-wear CIC (tiny hearing aid) with a silicone dome or sleeve.  The benefits to you are that there is no waiting, it is very comfortable and nearly invisible.  Silk gives hearing aid wearers the benefits of primax technology and binaural OneMic directionality.  The latest primax computer chip powers Silk and it can fit the ear canals of many people.  It offers both discretion, good speech clarity and there is no waiting for your hearing aids since you do not need to wait for a custom built device.  Lansdowne Hearing can help you with both the acoustic and cosmetic benefits of Silk CIC hearing aids.

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No-touch batteries revolutionize hearing aids

Are you tired of opening battery doors?  How would you like to never touch a battery the rest of your life?  Now it is possible with Rexton’s discreet hearing aids with lithium ion batteries.  They will last 3-5 years and then you bring them back to Lansdowne Hearing and we will replace the batteries.  This is smart power for your busy lifestyle whether you are a doctor, nurse, or general contractor.  Now, these hearing aids are equipped with the same lithium-ion power cells that use inductive charging, so you don’t have to open the battery doors every night before going to sleep.  There are no metal contacts and in four hours it is charged and will last for 24 hours.  Lansdowne Hearing can you to eliminate the need to change batteries anymore.

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Wireless connectivity with hearing aids

Do you want to stream your iPhone calls and audio from your TV shows directly into your hearing aids?  Now you can hear phone calls directly into your hearing aids.  From sporting events to soap operas, now you can hear your TV programs directly into your hearing aids.  No more caption phones and no more caption TV programs, since the

speech clarity comes directly into your hearing aids.  Siemens technology is the world’s only hearing aid made for iPhone that lets you have better than normal hearing even in noisy restaurants or family events.  This improved hearing in noisy environments is clinically proven.  All this happens while you stream your iPhone calls or TV audio in high-quality stereo audio directly into your hearing aids.  Lansdowne Hearing can help you to stream while hearing better than normal hearing in noisy environments.

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The Signia hearing aids

Signia outdid themselves by focusing on the end user and solving an age old problem of the wearer hearing too much of their own voice.  Now, they have found a way for the hearing aids to deliver the sound that nature intended.  Own voice processing provides the most natural sounding own voice with uncompromising audibility for a natural overall experience by processing the hearing aid user’s  own voice instantly and completely independent from all other voices and sounds.  This can all be done with fantastic connectivity and the longest streaming audio time from your iPhone or TV.

Siemens introduced remote hearing care.  After your hearing aid fitting, the hearing aid wearer can conduct a remote followup with Lansdowne Hearing. Telecare allows clients to save time on trips and allows for more quality care to be given to the clients in the first month of service.  During this time, it allows the user to have more comfort and support so they can quickly adopt to using and enjoying their new hearing aids.  Lansdowne Hearing can fine-tune patients’ hearing aids while the customer is at home or at work with the customer’s permission during a phone call.

Try the world’s first natural own voice!  Clinically proven to be the best!


Signia (Siemens):

  • Most natural hearing experience
  • Improves immediate acceptance of your own voice by 75%
  • Outstanding speech quality
  • Crystal clear sound in all listening environments
  • World’s first Own Voice Processing (OVPTM)

Hear sounds and speech from any direction – automatically adjusts to adapt to your unique listening situations and movements.

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