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Hearing aid insurance coverage

It is good to check if your insurance covers hearing aids and Lansdowne Hearing can also check during your first
visit.   According to the Hearing Loss Association of America, one out of every five people suffers from hearing loss or 48 million Americans (20% of the population).  This increases to one out of every three people suffering from hearing loss by age 65.   Lansdowne Hearing provides payment plans manageable for your budget and a variety of hearing aids to fit every budget so everyone can hear clearly again!

Want to know more about insurance coverage?

There are two options including your private insurance or public insurance.  In Southeast Pennsylvania, the private insurance carriers include:  Aetna, Cigna, Humana, Independence Blue Cross and United Healthcare.  If you have a very high premium, you may have some coverage although many plans have no insurance coverage for hearing aids.  Plans might provide anywhere from $ 0 to $ 1000 per hearing aids, plan dependent.  Since hearing aid prices range from $800 for a basic model to $ 2200 for a premium device, it is important to use any money that your insurance company will reimburse.

In Pennsylvania, government assistance for hearing aids is extremely limited.  The major insurance programs are Medicare and Medicaid and they typically do not address hearing aids.  Your Part B insurance plan could possibly have some hearing aid coverage for you.


Signia (Siemens) Nx:

  • Most natural hearing experience
  • Improves immediate acceptance of your own voice by 75%
  • Outstanding speech quality
  • Crystal clear sound in all listening environments
  • World’s first Own Voice Processing (OVPTM)

Signia (Siemens) Nx was clinically proven in a 2017 “First Fit Study” conducted at Hörzentrum Oldenburg and a clinical study done at the University of Northern Colorado and published in February 2018.  Lansdowne Hearing can help you hear like you were 21 years old again!

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