Lansdowne Hearing supplies hearing aids, accessories and service for those with hearing loss.  Just like each person’s hearing loss is unique, so to are the hearing aids and accessories that are customized for their loss and their lifestyle.  We supply hearing aids in the ear, behind the ear, at different technology levels, and appearances.  You tell us what is most important to you and we determine the best options for your budget.  You can try a free demonstration of each technology level from basic and mid-level to premium level technology hearing aids.  Obviously, the various benefits of the hearing aids determines the cost to you.  At Lansdowne Hearing, a hearing instrument specialist will work with you for your free hearing examination and product demonstration.

Want to know more about hearing aid prices?

Lansdowne Hearing sells hearing aids from $ 1,250 for basic hearing aids to $ 2,500 for premium hearing aids.  These aids are supplied from top producers such as SimensRexton and other manufacturers.  To determine the actual price for your hearing system, it is necessary to have a free test, consultation, product selection discussion and hearing aid trial. Lansdowne Hearing will help determine exactly what is necessary for your hearing loss, understand your budget and your lifestyle, and provide you with a real life hearing experience to determine the best fit for you.

We focus on helping you to hear 365 days a year so our pricing includes complimentary visits for adjustments, program changes, consultations and discussions at no extra charge.  Also, multi-year warranties are typically supplied for most hearing aid solutions so you know that your hearing aids are covered.


Cost of hearing aids


Segment Basic Mid-Level Premium
Prices $1,250 – $1,450 $1,450 – $1,850 $1,850 – $2,500
Main benefit Good speech
clarity to eliminate
isolation from others
Multiple programs
controlled by phone or
remote control
Incredible speech clarity
even amidst background
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Mid-level hearing aids

Mid-level hearing aids provide (OVP (Own Voice Processing), very good speech clarity in most listening situations.  Speech clarity is very good in most environments including diners, work environments, construction sites and family outings.  The engine behind the clarity is high level digital processing that brings familiar voices back to your hearing experience.  Mid-level aids will surely bring a smile to all those with hearing loss while maintaining an affordable budget.  Many customers use mid-level or premium aids depending on their lifestyle requirements and budget.  Some benefits commonly enjoyed include streaming to smart phone and TV and use of your smart phone to control your hearing aids.

Typical benefits include:

  • OVP (Own Voice Processing) utilizes real-time recognition of the wearer’s voice
  • Very good speech clarity in all environments
  • Very discreet and large style assortment
  • Multiple programs controlled by smart phone or remote controls
  • Batteries lasting 3-5 years available

Brief introduction:


The Siemens (now Signia) Pure 312 5Nx is suited for wearers wanting to experience German engineered, digital signal processing and award winning speech clarity in noisy environments.  Sound clarity provides exceptional clarity with features such as: HD Spatial, extended dynamic range, extended bandwidth, EchoShield, HD Music, eWindScreen, speech and noise management, and feedback cancellation.  As the most often selected size of behind the ear aids, the Pure model is discreet without sacrificing ear to ear wireless connectivity, communications with your smart phone app, and long-use rechargeable batteries.  The mid-level aids with lithium ion batteries has been adopted by many first time users not interested in weekly changing of disposable batteries.

Mid-level hearing aid prices range between $ 1,450 and $ 1,850 and you can try them in our office and your home.

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Basic hearing aids

Basic level hearing aids provide good speech clarity in some listening situations.  Speech clarity is good in quieter environments like an office or room, but a little tougher in environments with much background noise like a night club, PTA meeting or Rotary club meeting.

Basic hearing aids help to eliminate isolation from other by providing good speech clarity in quieter environments.  Basic feedback cancellation prevents from any whistling common with old style analog hearing aids.  For home use these aids may provide enough speech recognition, but may present challenges when worn in noisier environments.  With a lifestyle subjected to noisier environments, you should consider mid-level and premium level hearing aids.

Typical benefits include:

  • Good speech clarity in quiet environments
  • Limited size and style assortment
  • Disposable batteries lasting up to 1 week

Brief introduction:


The Siemens (now Signia) Pure 2PX has automatic directional microphones which help with speech clarity in noisy environments.  Since the aids work wirelessly together, the spatial hearing improves.  The Pure 2PX comes with a coated housing which provides protection from sweat, dust and dirt.  Hearing aids can also be adjusted with your smart phone app.

Basic-level hearing aid prices range between $1,250- $-1,450. You can try them in our office and your home.

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The Lansdowne Hearing service

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Happy Hearing Program!

Lansdowne Hearing helps you from the time you first contact us, while you have your consultation, testing and fitting and through the first few weeks and months as you adjust to hearing again.  This includes followup phone calls and visits for counseling, adjustments and support.

We know that when your hearing is restored it is a happy experience to now be able to hear your family and friends clearly again.  Our goal is to do everything we can to help you get acclimated again to the sounds at home, outside and at work.  We support you after the sale with counseling, adjustment, and retraining of the use of your equipment and accessories.  Our Happy Hearing Program assures your new transition into the world of hearing again. We will continue to support our customers for years.  All of this value is received by our customers as we do everything possible to make the transition as easy and exciting as possible.

High technology equipment

Lansdowne Hearing tests your hearing with high technology equipment regularly calibrated by professional services. Your hearing aids are programmed based on our counseling and hearing examinations to give you a hearing solution that can help you hear clearly again.

Try in your life with your family and friends

The best way to see the benefits is by experiencing your new found hearing at home with your family.  When you try the aids, you get 30 days to experience them in your everyday life.  During this time, we will help you make any adjustments, provide counseling, and any other support required.

Long term warranties

Depending on the level of technology, our customers normally get 2 or 3 year warranties included in their purchase.  This also includes complimentary followup visits so you can be assured that you will hear well for years.

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