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Life-altering hearing aids

Hearing aids are the most effective treatment for people with mild, moderate, severe and profound hearing loss.  When you have hearing loss, it is very easy to become isolated but it is best to address the loss with hearing aids to get back your hearing function.  Reasons for your hearing loss include noise, aging and possible other situations, but it is more important to find a solution so you can become connected again with your family and friends.  Focusing on your hearing loss can make you more distraught.  Hearing aids can help so you can hear again like your were 21 years old again.  This will bring much happiness and rid you of feelings of isolation, sadness or depression that hearing loss can cause.  Lansdowne Hearing will help you in determining the proper hearing aids for your specific situation and hearing loss.  Please call us at 610-259-9441 or complete the form below!

Customer voices 

“From the first time we met at Lansdowne Hearing, they gave us hope that my Mom could absolutely benefit from hearing aids.  She has damaged ears from on accident several years ago and is profoundly deaf.  Once Lansdowne Hearing placed new hearing aids in my Mom’s ears, she heard every word we said!  I am grateful for the time Lansdowne Hearing spent with us explaining the process to us.  Their professionalism and great personality helped us get through a difficult time.  Now, I can have a conversation with my Mom without shouting to hear.  Thank you Lansdowne Hearing for giving my Mother back to me!”
Linda J. (daughter of client)

“Before the hearing aids, I did not want to socialize or be with people.  I felt very isolated and alone.  Now, I am able to join in a conversation and laugh again.  I now have a social life and once again am enjoying my life!”
Landa T. (client)


Want to know more about hearing aids?

Remember, untreated hearing loss after the age of 50 can be dangerous as it can potentially lead to depression, dementia and/or brain shrinkage.  Wearing hearing aids can significantly reduce the progression of hearing loss in adults, while reconnecting them with family, personal and business activities that you have been missing.  Below are some resources as you look to address your hearing loss with hearing aids:

Features, functionality and technology determine the cost of hearing aids.   As shown above, three segments of hearing aids include the basic, mid-level and premium.  The explanations in the charts above and below give a short summary of the benefits found in each technology segment.  Today, all hearing aids have some level of digital signal processing and are higher quality sound than the analog hearing aids of the past.  Speech clarity at varying levels is present in all segments along with elimination of the whistling that was so prevalent in previous generations of hearing aids.


Premium hearing aids provide the best speech clarity in all listening situations, period.  Your speech comprehension even in loud restaurants, meetings or church will be the best possibly available in the marketplace with Premium hearing aids.  The level of digital signal processing is multiple times better at this level allowing you to smile broadly as you are finally satisfied that you can now hear everyone clearly.  Although Premium aids are more expensive, they also provide the highest level of technology available.  This includes not only speech clarity, but also streaming into your phone and TV and rechargeable batteries that you never remove for years.

Premium hearing aids range in price from $1,750 to $2,100. Some of the features they include are:

Typical benefits include:

  • Best speech clarity in all environments
  • Most discreet sizes and largest style assortment
  • Batteries lasting 3-5 years
  • Automatic natural voice processing
  • Immediate recognition of voices of interest
  • Streaming TV and your phone

Are you looking for the most discreet hearing aid on the market?



Mid-level hearing aids provide very good speech clarity in most listening situations.  Speech clarity is very good in most environments including diners, work environments, construction sites and family outings.  The engine behind the clarity is high level digital processing that brings familiar voices back to your hearing experience.  Mid-level aids will surely bring a smile to all those with hearing loss while maintaining an affordable budget.  Many customers use mid-level or premium aids depending on their lifestyle requirements and budget.  Some benefits commonly enjoyed include streaming to smart phone and TV and use of your smart phone to control your hearing aids.

Typical benefits include:

  • Very good speech clarity in all environments
  • Very discreet and large style assortment
  • Multiple programs controlled by smart phone or remote controls
  • Batteries lasting 3-5 years available

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Basic level hearing aids provide good speech clarity in some listening situations.  Speech clarity is good in quieter environments like an office or room, but a little tougher in environments with much background noise like a night club, PTA meeting or Rotary club meeting.

Basic hearing aids help to eliminate isolation from other by providing good speech clarity in quieter environments.  Basic feedback cancellation prevents from any whistling common with old style analog hearing aids.  For home use these aids may provide enough speech recognition, but may present challenges when worn in noisier environments.  With a lifestyle subjected to noisier environments, you should consider mid-level and premium level hearing aids.

Typical benefits include::

  • Good speech clarity in quiet environments
  • Limited size and style assortment
  • Disposable batteries lasting up to 1 week
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Tell me how hearing aids work

Hearing aids are basically electronic devices that pick up and amplify sound. They increase the volume of sounds that you normally wouldn’t hear, so you can.  Lansdowne Hearing supplies hearing aids that do much more than amplify sound.   The sophisticated circuitry from these manufacturers is programmed by your Lansdowne Hearing to suit your unique hearing loss, and the high-tech features are selected based on your lifestyle. These state-of the-art hearing aids are designed to not only improve your hearing, but your life.

Try the world’s first natural own voice!  Clinically proven to be the best!

Signia (Siemens) Nx:

  • Most natural hearing experience
  • Improves immediate acceptance of your own voice by 75%
  • Outstanding speech quality
  • Crystal clear sound in all listening environments
  • World’s first Own Voice Processing (OVPTM)

Signia (Siemens) Nx was clinically proven in a 2017 “First Fit Study” conducted at Hörzentrum Oldenburg and a clinical study done at the University of Northern Colorado and published in February 2018.  Lansdowne Hearing can help you hear like you were 21 years old again!

Hearing aid manufacturers

Lansdowne Hearing works with the leading hearing aid manufacturers in the world. These top manufacturers are continually developing new technology, testing devices and offering the best technology to improve your hearing experience. Call 610-259-9441 or complete the form to contact Lansdowne Hearing to understand which devices best suit your lifestyle.




We work with the world’s best hearing aid manufacturers


Hearing aid models

In each of the price ranges, there are two main types of hearing devices: Behind-the-ear (BTE) and in-the-ear (ITE) hearing systems. In the United States, BTE hearing systems are more common.

BTE hearing aids: high-performance and discreet

BTE aids used to be large and had to be large to deliver a high level of power.  Today, there are about three different size BTEs.  Two might be considered in the same category of the BTEs of the past.  Two BTEs are more suitably named RICs today.  RIC is an acryonym for “Receiver-in-the-Canal” and actually 80% of people today wear RICs versus custom hearing aids.  As a reminder, custom hearing aids are made from a mold and placed inside the bowl of the ear.  Lansdowne will help you with any question you have about BTEs.

As computer technology and integrated circuits have become smaller, it has allowed hearing aids to be made smaller and more effective.  The traditional BTEs and the newer RICs are available from all major manufacturers.  They are fit in a number of ways including:

  • RIC placed behind the ear and silicone dome placed in the ear
  • RIC fit behind the ear and custom mold placed in the ear
  • BTE fit behind he ear and custom mold placed in the ear

Smaller RICs use a size 10 small battery to match their size.  Most RICs use size 312 batteries while some use larger size 13 batteries to get a longer battery life.  The large BTEs use a size 675 battery which gives the user a 9-10 day battery life.

ITE hearing aids: invisible hearing relief

In-the-ear hearing aids are easy to handle, are placed in the ear canal, and are available in various sizes.  The basic sizes are shown below and are:

  • Full Shell:  This fits in the entire concha (bowl like part of your outer ear) and is clearly visible.
  • Half Shell:  This fits in half the the concha of your ear and is only visible if people try to look at your ear.
  • In-the-Canal:  This is practically not visible by others and is removed with a transparent, removal string.
  • Completely In-the-Canal:  This is the smallest of the ITE types and is not visible by others.

Lansdowne Hearing would first make an impression of your ear and custom make the hearing aids so they are custom fitted into your ear to fit like a glove.  These hearing aids are available in different skin colors so they blend in with your ear.  The face plate of these aids has a battery access door and sometimes a volume control knob or program control button.

ITE hearing aids have basically four different variations based on size.  There is the full shell which fills the whole concha (i.e. bowl-like portion of your outer ear), the half shell which fill about half this amount, the ITC which is a variation that only fits in the canal, and lastly the CIC which fits only in the canal but can go deeper and is less visible.

Is BTE or ITE the most suitable solution for your hearing loss?


Try the Lansdowne Hearing hearing aids

At Lansdowne Hearing, we offer a free confidential consultation and hearing examination to evaluate your hearing loss.  We know that hearing loss can bring sadness, but we can help restore your hearing levels and resulting happiness with your improved speech clarity.  Lansdowne Hearing supplies hearing aids, accessories and service for those with hearing loss.  Just like each person’s hearing loss is unique, so to are the hearing aids and accessories that are customized for their loss and their lifestyle. 

We supply hearing aids in the ear, behind the ear, at different technology levels, and appearances.  You tell us what is most important to you and we determine the best options for your budget.  You can try a free demonstration of each technology level from basic and mid-level to premium level technology hearing aids.  Obviously, the various benefits of the hearing aids determines the cost to you.  At Lansdowne Hearing, a hearing instrument specialist will work with you for your free hearing examination and product demonstration so you can rediscover the world of sound.

Happy Hearing Program!

Lansdowne Hearing helps you from the time you first contact us, while you have your consultation, testing and fitting and through the first few weeks and months as you adjust to hearing again.  This includes followup phone calls and visits for counseling, adjustments and support.

We know that when your hearing is restored it is a happy experience to now be able to hear your family and friends clearly again.  Our goal is to do everything we can to help you get acclimated again to the sounds at home, outside and at work.  We support you after the sale with counseling, adjustment, and retraining of the use of your equipment and accessories.  Our Happy Hearing Program assures your new transition into the world of hearing again and we will continue to support our customers for years.  All of this value is received by our customers as we do everything possible to make the transition as easy and exciting as possible.

Do you want to hear like you were 21 years old again?