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Hearing loss

It is very easy to become isolated when you begin to lose your hearing.  Please immediately learn about what you can do to get back your hearing function.  The reason for your hearing loss may be important, but it is more important to find a solution.  Then, you can start hearing your family and friends again.  If you focus on the reasons for your hearing loss, you may become more distraught.  It is best to focus on ways so you can hear again like you were 21 years old again.  In this way, you will not become depressed and isolated.

Want to know more about hearing loss?

Most of us have had some sort of epiphany in our lives so that we appreciate what we once did not.  This is the time to be proactive and “make lemonade” as they say.  Most likely, Lansdowne Hearing can help you to hear your family, friends and co-workers again at an affordable price.  Life throws everyone some sort of curves, but you have to decide if you want to address your hearing loss.  Once you decide that you want to hear again, then we can help you.

Just remember a happy time in your life when everything was going right, and that is what we want to focus on with you.  We believe that restoration of your hearing function brings happiness, restores confidence, and sometimes tears of joy.

The question is not “to hear or not to hear”.  If you have the ability with help to hear, most people would agree that it is better to hear than not to hear.  So the real question is “are you ready to hear again?”.

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“Excellent service as I need it…can’t argue with that!  My hearing is my one personal belonging that I hold dear.  You can’t realize that until you lose it.  Thank my heavenly Father for Lansdowne Hearing, the hearing doctor.”
Henrietta S.

Reasons for hearing loss

Hearing loss chart

Kinds of hearing loss

In simple terms, there are three types of hearing loss which involve either your outer-middle ear, your inner ear or a combination of both.  The hearing loss involving your outer-middle ear is called conductive hearing loss.  The hearing loss involving your inner ear is called “sensorineural” hearing loss.  This is the most common hearing loss as it involved some level of degradation of part of your cochlea which is a critical part of your hearing system.  The third type of loss is a combination of the outer-middle ear and your inner ear and this is called a “mixed hearing loss“.  Lansdowne Hearing will perform a full hearing test for free and indicate which type of hearing loss is the cause of your problem.  Hearing aids are the best solution to improve your hearing when you have any of these three types of hearing loss.

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Results of not getting help with your hearing loss

While you may think of hearing loss as part of the aging process, it should not be considered that way.  It should be actively dealt with immediately.  Today, the medical community knows that hearing loss can have a devastating and far reaching impact including the following:

  • Significant depression – Women of all ages and adults from 18-69 years old with hearing loss are more likely to experience significant depression than hearing loss individuals over 70 years old.  Going through life with a hearing loss can have negative effects on your life outside of hearing.
  • Dementia – Seniors with hearing loss are significantly more likely to develop dementia over time than those who retain their hearing
  • Falling – Patients with mild hearing loss were nearly three times more likely to have a history of falling than those with no hearing loss
  • Exhaustion, Fatigue and Headaches – People with hearing loss miss much speech and get frustrated coping through life trying to hear everyone and everything


Why hearing aids for hearing loss? 

Speech clarity can be accomplished with hearing aids in most cases without the need of a cochlear implant.  This is a non-invasive solution and your hearing is priceless.  Hearing aids will let you enjoy the sounds of life like your family, friends, ocean waves, your coworkers and the television.  You can also have your phone and TV streamed directly into your hearing aids if you want.

One client in business mentioned that he had an entire conversation while he was driving, but he did not hear his business colleague driving with him.  These issues can be address with hearing aids.  Even if one ear is deaf, we can help you hear the conversations on that side of your head with advanced technology.  Ask us how!

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How many have hearing loss?

17% of people in the U.S. or one in six people in all age groups has hearing loss.  Based on the design of the cochlea and the middle ear, the higher frequencies like woman’s voices are the first not to be heard.  Once this occurs someone should immediately seek a hearing exam to address the problem.  Lack of stimulus to the brain to distinguish speech and sounds is critical.

Health conditions linked with hearing loss

Below are some of the health conditions linked to hearing loss:

  • Diabetes – 21% of diabetics have hearing loss compared to 9% of non-diabetics
  • Cardiovascular disorders – Individuals with cardiovascular disorders may be more prone to hearing loss and therefore in need of hearing evaluations
  • Chemotherapy – A landmark study of patients showed 61% of those going through chemotherapy developed hearing loss after treatment


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