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Home visits

Some people cannot travel to an office and need care in their home.  Lansdowne Hearing travels to your home.  This helps you and:

  • Provides comfort to the home bound
  • Is convenient for working people to get tested at home after work
  • You do not have to bring a family member.  We know this is difficult to get them from their home to an office.

Customer voices 

“It is difficult for me to get around and it was convenient when Lansdowne Hearing came to my home.  They tested me and fitted me with hearing aids in my home and I was very well pleased.  I definitely recommend Lansdowne Hearing and I did recommend them to some of my friends!”
Elizabeth D.

“I am very happy that Lansdowne Hearing came to my home and fitted me with new hearing aids.  It was good that they got financing with a low monthly payment.  I am very happy that I can hear now, because there is so much I miss.  I would highly recommend Lansdowne Hearing!”
Alberta L.

Want to know more about home visits?

Lansdowne Hearing visits you to deliver the best care possible care in the comfort of your home.  Our customers and their families enjoy the visits in their home.  This help especially if someone is not able to travel.  Also, many people work full time and appreciate getting tested at home after work or Saturday. We are licensed in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and maintain liability insurance for our practice.  Lansdowne Hearing uses state-of-the-art equipment to test your hearing and adjust your devices according to your needs.

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