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How does Lansdowne Hearing work? 

We will consult with you to find about your hearing history and test you to find your hearing levels currently.  Lansdowne Hearing then selects hearing aids for your hearing loss and budget and produces and/or programs the aids for your personal profile. Then, you wear the aids home and in your everyday life and we help by counseling you, providing multiple hearing aid programs and accessories that fit your lifestyle (i.e. remote control, streaming into your iPhone, streaming to your television, etc.).

Customer voice 

“I am a 90 year-old retired minister of religion.  For a number of years in my ministry I had trouble hearing in public audiences, until I found Lansdowne Hearing, after being dissatisfied with other companies.  I am comfortable with its services, its equipment and particularly its hearing aids.  I still do some work for congregations and I am happy doing so.  I wish to highly recommend the easy-going, friendly atmosphere created at Lansdowne.  My former congregants tell the difference.  While age tends to deteriorate my hearing condition, Lansdowne is quick to repair the damage.  Don’t waste time and money on other channels.  Lansdowne is waiting for your call.”
Rabbi Ezekiel.




1. Personal consultation and testing

Your first step is to discuss your current hearing situation with a Lansdowne Hearing healthcare professional so they can understand your specific needs.  Then, they thoroughly test your hearing capabilities and present the results to you.

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2. Fitting and demonstration

After your consultation and testing, you are fitting with hearing aids that are programmed for your hearing loss.  Lansdowne Hearing will also discuss different hearing aid models, any insurance coverage and financing that is available for you.  Once you have been custom fitted with your new hearing aids, you are counseled and sent home with the new hearing aids to experience new hearing with your family, friends and coworkers.

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3. Hear family and friends

Do you want to smile more and stop saying “What” and “Can you repeat that”?  Do you want to get back involved in your church and with your friends?  Sometimes, we isolate when we can’t hear because we are embarrassed.  When you go home with your hearing aids, you will be able to experience a more enriching life with your loved ones.  We counsel you on the use of the aids, how to clean them, and how to charge the hearing aids or replace batteries.  At Lansdowne Hearing, our goal is to help you smile again and hear like you did years ago!

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Lansdowne Hearing advantages

  • Free meeting, hearing loss test, and trial of hearing aids
  • Comfort of local provider regularly trained by providers
  • Home visits for those homebound
  • Many financing options for customers (including insurance considerations)
  • Trusted by thousands of customers in Delaware County and Philadelphia
  • Company providing hearing aids and repair since 1987

At a certain point you get tired of asking people to repeat things and you don’t want to read lips anymore.  Lansdowne Hearing can help you by just clicking below to schedule a free appointment. 

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