There are are two ways to power your hearing aids and they are using disposable batteries that you replace every week or rechargeable batteries that your replace in 1-5 years.  Disposable batteries are pill button-sized and need to be replaced every 3-9 days, depending on the hearing aid used.  Rechargeable hearing aids have the advantage of not having to open the battery doors every night.  With rechargeable hearing aids, you just put the hearing aids in the charger before you go to sleep and they are fully charged in the morning and ready to use.

Batteries are integral in any hearing aid.  With rechargeable hearing aids, now you do not have the hassle of regularly changing batteries.

Want to know more about rechargeable hearing aids?

Echargers are chargers that use nickel-metal-hydride batteries and make your life easier.  Did you ever run out of hearing aid batteries.  You can simplify your life with an eCharger.  The eCharger refreshes, recharges, and dehumidifies your rechargeable hearing instruments overnight, letting you get on with your day with perfect hearing.

The echarger batteries will help your hearing aids last about 12-14 hours per day.  They need to be replaced about every year.

Lithium ion is the latest development in rechargeable batteries and make your life even easier.   Cellion primax hearing aids are available for nearly all hearing losses.  Cellion is the only inductive, wireless, and contact-free rechargeable hearing aid in the world.  This means that you just place the aids in the slots and they charge.  In only 30 minutes, you are ready to go for 7 hours.  A full charge only takes 4 hours and you are ready to wear your hearing aids for 24 hours straight without a charge, if needed.  These are the best battery option on the market.

Lithium ion batteries will help your hearing aids last about 24 hours on one charge.  Also, they will last 3-5 years before they need to be replaced.