Resound Helps You to “Hear Like No Other”

Resound is a large hearing aid company based in Denmark and owned by Great Nordic.  It was established in 1984 so it is relatively new, but it’s history spans bac to 1943.  Resound has created many innovative hearing aid models with features like direct streaming to your phone, an open standard digital chip, and digital feedback suppression which eliminates howling and sound distortion.

Your ears, your hearing and you are ONE of a kind. Your pinna is the radar shaped part of your outer ear and it was designed to direct the surrounding sounds down your ear canal to your ear drum (aka tempanic membrane).

Award winning Resound sound quality delivers Surround Sound comfort.  The aids are developed with iSolate which repels sweat, earwax and dust.  This is delivered in discreet, durable aids available in many colors.

ReSound ONETM  offers a breakthrough in hearing aid technology with an extra microphone inside your ear.  This utilizes you’re the sounds captured by your radar-shaped pinna and amplifies those sounds.  Resound ONE does all of this with excellent rechargeable battery life and wonderful audio streaming to keep you hearing clearly and at ONE with your environment.

At ONE with your friends enjoying the most complete and individualized sound experience

ReSound ONETM  allows you All Access Directionality which helps to follow conversations easier.  When you can select which direction or directions that you want to hear, you can more easily hear those around you when you’re with a crowd.  Ultra Focus is a feature in the hearing aids that works like an individual beam of sound which helps you to minimize background noise and more so focus on those directly in front of you.  Resound ONE pays hearing dividends in noisy environments.

Resound ONE is stylish, comfortable, discrete and performs like a champ.   

Resound ONE sits lower on the ear for greater discretion.  Also, it matches many hair and skin tone colors so everyone can find colors and shades that they like.  All three of the Resound ONE models are discrete and wirelessly stream to your smartphone.

Resound ONE has outstanding Rechargeability

ReSound ONETM  supplies up to 30 hours of battery life or 25 hours of streaming with one charge.  This exceeds other aids in the industry.

ReSound ONETM  has two different charging options.  The long-time, Premium Charger with built in battery allows for 3 days worth of charging if you go camping or are without electric for 3 days.  The Standard Charger gives you a full day’s battery life with an overnight charge.  Both are fashionably designed for the most discriminating of tastes.

ReSound LiNX Quattro

ReSound LiNX Quattro hearing aids act as your hearing aids’ assistant and change programs when they detect a changing environment.  This automatic program selection is coupled with the outstanding streaming experience from most Bluetooth devices.  Any streaming lag time has been minimized as the hearing aid battery power does not limit the functionality any more.

ReSound LiNX Quattro has a battery that lasts more than one day.  You can check the ReSound Smart 3D app and the charging case lights to check the power status for the hearing aids and the charger.  Resound made this lithium ion battery hermetically sealed for protection in addition to being discreet.

Clients get both style and Bluetooth connectivity with the new ReSound LiNX Quattro.  A small, sleek design has all the wireless connectivity capabilities as much larger hearing aids.

As for the custom hearing aids, the ReSound LiNX Quattro line has Bluetooth streaming in a CIC (small) hearing aid.  That means the ultra small hearing aid will allow you to listen to music from your phone and then receive phone calls all through your custom hearing aids.  This is a game changer for all those wanting discretion and Bluetooth connectivity.

ReSound Key
It’s a new day with ReSound Key

ReSound Key hearing aids give you exceptional hearing to give you a jump back in your step.  ReSound Key tries to help you enjoy sounds naturally again.

Sound clarity is what you want

ReSound has an Organic Hearing philosophy which means that our engineers design our hearing aids to deliver the experience that would happen naturally if you did not have a hearing loss.  ReSound Key delivers that natural sound so you can join in conversations and clearly hear others in the room.

At ReSound, we believe that both ears should work together and we design our hearing aids to work together the way nature intended both of your ears to work together.  ReSound Key hearing aids addresses better listening by allowing both of your ears to work together.  ReSound Key lets you hear important conversations while still hearing the sounds around you.  Our goal is to make you feel more comfortable listening and not have to spend a lot of energy to listen.

Helping you is our mission

Our ReSound Smart 3D app allows you to make helpful changes to your hearing aids from your smartphone.  You can now see the changes that you make to volume and program changes.  As long as you were connected through Bluetooth, the app also help you to find hearing aids that were misplaced.

If you require additional assistance from your provider, ReSound Key also can allow you telehealth assistance through ReSound Assist remote hearing care.  ReSound Assist allows for live, video conversations to help with problems you may have, provide consultation, and do adjustments all from your home.

Regain a jump in your step with clear sound

ReSound designed our chargers and hearing aids so that you can enjoy a full day of use without having to recharge or use disposable batteries.  The ReSound Key rechargeable hearing aids supply you with:

  • A fashionable charger for your home or office
  • The option for a premium charger which stores 3 extra days of charge so you can recharge your hearing aids for 3 days without the use of electricity
  • About 30 hours of use after charging each night

ReSound has now developed hearing aids so you can stream without an assessory directly from newer model Android smartphones.  You can stream throughout the day as long as your Android has V10 and Bluetooth 5.0 and the carrier and phone manufacturer has enabled these capabilities.  Check with your provider to help you navigate your Android wireless integration.

ReSound Wireless Accessories

ReSound Remote Control

ReSound Remote Control, is built with larger buttons with you in mind because we know it might be harder to press smaller buttons.  ReSound has a variety of accessories to allow you wireless connection to others in your world without missing a conversation.

ReSound’s accessories help link you to any ReSound wireless hearing aids discreetly without wearing lanyards around your neck.  ReSound utilizes 2.4 GHz wireless technology to deliver quality, reliable voice transmissions for all your conversations.

ReSound Micro Mic

ReSound Micro Mic allows you to talk to others easily by connecting the microphone on your friend’s shirt and then listen to the conversation clearly.  This works if your friend is even 80 feet away from you and there is background noise.

ReSound Multi Mic

The ReSound Micro Mic can be used to hear people at the end of a boardroom table or up to 80 feet away.  Just place the Micro Mic near people of interest up to 80 feet away and their conversations will stream directly into your hearing aids.  The ReSound Micro Mic is also compatible with loop and FM systems so you can use it in schools, your place of worship, or other public places outfitted with a loop or FM system.

ReSound Phone Clip+

The ReSound Phone Clip+ allows you to enjoy talking to your friends’ phone conversations streamed directly to your hearing aids.  This way you can relax and talk as opposed to struggling to hear your phone conversations.  The ReSound PhoneClip+ also works like a remote control when you are not streaming on the phone.  Your other remote control option is to use your ReSound Control app to change the volume and programs from your smartphone.

ReSound Remote Control 2

ReSound Remote Control 2 allows you to see all the settings for your hearing aids.  In this way, you know if you increased the volume or changed a program and you can turn it back if you find it helpful.  If you like your TV remote you will love the ReSound Remote Control 2.

ReSound TV Streamer 2

If you want to stream from the TV then the ReSound TV Streamer can help you hear all the TV sounds of your favorite shows.  This will connect wirelessly directly to your aids without any devices, cables or wires.

*An FM receiver is required