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Rexton Hearing Aids

Rexton is one of the strong players in the hearing aid industry powered by German engineering by Sivantos (Siemens Hearing Systems).  German engineering continues to power the technology of Rexton hearing aids to product top of the line hearing aids.  Rexton has been involved as an innovator and they have many accolades including having the first:

Customer voice

“Before my hearing aids, I did not realize that the ticking of the grandfather clock could actually be heard.  I also did not know that my tinnitus could be masked.  Lansdowne Hearing has exceeded my expectations.  Now, it’s easier to hear my husband with my Rexton Emerald hearing aids.  He no longer has to raise his voice for me to hear him!”
Barbara P.

Tell me about Rexton

With Rexton’s latest technology, TruCore™, you will enjoy a listening experience that is more comfortable and natural than ever before, whether you are in a noisy restaurant, reverberant setting like an auditorium or mall, or even while enjoying a concert.

TruCore provides a more natural listening experience and features new technology, including:

  • Voice Ranger — enhances speech in every situation.
  • Music Enhancer — maximizes enjoyment for music lovers.

I want to hear like she does!


Conversations made easy.

In places with high levels of background noise (e.g., noisy restaurants, loud bars, or family gatherings) communicating with other people requires a lot of concentration and energy. Straining to hear voices in these situations can be draining by the end of a long day.

The Voice Ranger function helps relieve this by singling out the target speaker and reducing unwanted background chatter. The result is a more relaxed listening experience.

Shopping with comfort.

You’re at a mall with your friends. Voices are echoing around and mixing with the sound of footsteps on the floor tiles. The Reverb Reducer program suppresses reverberation for enhanced sound quality. The only thing you need to concentrate on is which store to visit next.

I want to hear phone calls!

Clear phone conversations.

In noisy offices where phones are ringing and co-workers are chatting about business, straining to hear during a business call can be challenging for anyone.

The XPhone (Cross Phone) program simultaneously sends phone signals to both hearing aids when the phone is held to one ear, so you can hear the conversation clearly, even in a noisy office.

Source:  Rexton

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