Hearing Testing And Hearing Aid Services



Lansdowne Hearing brings you professional, courteous hearing services in your home or our office.  You receive high level care in your home or our office.  Please don’t let transportation or mobility issues to prevent you from getting the audiological services you need.

Diagnostic Audiologic Evaluation

Lansdowne Hearing follows a system of tests which comfortably and non-invasively evaluate your current hearing levels.  The tests include viewing your ear canal, measuring your responses to noises, and evaluating your recognition of words.  All of this data helps Lansdowne Hearing to better serve your personal hearing needs.

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Evaluation for Hearing Aids

A personal approach is utilized in your hearing aid evaluation and subsequent hearing aid evaluation.  This includes a history about your hearing problem, lifestyle, and other health issues.  This history helps to identify both the origin of your hearing loss and the types of hearing solutions which would prove beneficial for you.

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Hearing Aid Dispensing and Fitting

Lansdowne Hearing dispenses and fits your hearing aids based on your consultation, your needs, and your clinical hearing tests results.  Your hearing aids are programmed based on your results, you are shown how to put on and care for your aids, and a follow-up visit is scheduled to provide support while adopting your hearing aids.

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Hearing Aid Repair and Maintenance

On-site repair can be done for some issues while factory repair is required for other repairs.  Since many aids are sealed, some repairs need to be sent to the factory for repair.  All other types of issues typically can be repaired in the office.  Regular maintenance is done in the office where we also instruct everyone on daily ear care and hearing aid maintenance.

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Mobile Visits

Lansdowne Hearing travels to your home to provide full diagnostic, fitting and maintenance services as you age in place.  We know that you want to age in your own home and we service you where you live.  Please schedule your home visit today.

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Office Clinic

Our office clinic provides a professional, comfortable setting to perform all consultations and clinical testing required to evaluate your hearing loss.  Please schedule your hearing exam today.

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