Signia is part of one of the largest hearing aid companies in the world as it is part of Sivantos.  Signia was previously Siemens Hearing Instruments which was based in Germany and has been responsible for many innovations in hearing aids, healthcare, communications, and other other technologies.  Sivantos purchased Siemens a few years ago and Siemens still owns a minority share in the company.  Werner von Siemens invented the precursor to the hearing aid (the Phonofor) in 1878 and in 1910 invented the first hearing aid.

Signia Enhances Your Performance

Signia (Siemens) provides hearing aids, accessories, and smartphone apps so you can navigate conversations in life like hearing people at work, your family and your friends.  Signia knows that everyone has preferences so we design different form factors so you can select behind or in the ear, disposable or rechargeable batteries, and wireless Bluetooth hearing aids to connect with your world.

Insio Charge&Go AX

The Insio Charge&Go AX is a custom hearing aid that is also rechargeable so you don’t have to replace the batteries.  The small, in the ear design is discreet and fits inside the ear and operates all day without the need for a charge.  Signia’s Augmented Xperience platform provides you with outstanding speech clarity even in noisy environments.

Key features at a glance:

  • 2021 CES Innovation Honoree
  • Signia app on your smartphone allows you to change the volume, programs and other features on your aids throughout the day
  • Wirelessly connects to Android and Apple devices
  • Insio Charge and Go AX is inductively charged
  • Smaller, discreet design so you can enjoy your hearing without showing the world
  • Customized to fit the individual shape of your ear canal
  • Fantastic speech clarity

Pure ® Charge&Go AX

Signia’s Pure® Charge&Go AX has two microprocessors in each hearing aid.  One processor to hear the people of interest and one microprocessor that handles the background noise.  By not sharing one microprocessor to share duties of hearing people and then managing background noise, the listener can hear clearer sound in noisy environments.

The Pure CNG AX is our smallest RIC (receive in canal) hearing aid which is rechargeable.  We have decreased the size especially for first time wearers who want a small device to answer all of their speech needs.

Signia Active Pro™ & Active X™

Signia’s Active Pro™ is designed for active people who want rechargeability, a hearing aid in their ear, and enjoy wireless Bluetooth streaming.  The Active X series allows you to easily filter out background noise using the Signia smartphone app and gives you laser-focused control of the sounds and people that you want to hear.

Signia developed this earbud design as a response to user requests for a stylish device that can help them hear, is rechargeable, can stream wirelessly, and they can use immediately.  Some of the other features that people enjoy are:

  • Signia’s instant fit device that offers wireless, Bluetooth streaming, great speech in noise, and tinnitus therapy
  • Trend setting form factor that eliminates the behind the ear style with a trendy earbud design
  • Delivers the award winning Xperience sound quality in this instant fitting device
  • Signia’s Active X aids can be worn only in situations where a client needs a boost of clarity or can be worn all day to hear all the sounds of life

Signia Motion™ Charge&Go X

Signia’s Motion Charge and Go X is for wearers with severe hearing loss that want comfort, speech clarity and rechargeability.  The Motion CNG also delivers wireless Bluetooth to enjoy connectivity with music and phone calls from your smartphone.  The Signia Assistant will navigate you through difficult listening environments so you are quickly back to enjoying your hearing experience.

Signia Motion™ Charge&Go P X

Signia’s Motion Charge and Go P X is for wearers with severe hearing loss that want speech clarity combined with rechargeability.  The Motion CNG also delivers wireless Bluetooth to enjoy connectivity with music and phone calls from your smartphone.  Wearers can also enjoy interacting with the Signia Assistant for hearing aid changes on the go.

Signia Motion™ Charge&Go SP X

Signia’s Motion Charge and Go SP X is for wearers with severe to profound hearing loss that want speech clarity combined with rechargeability.  The Motion CNG also delivers wireless Bluetooth to enjoy connectivity with music and phone calls from your smartphone.

Styletto X™

Signia’s Styletto X is innovative in behind the ear design with a slimmer look that traditional hearing aids.  Originally designed for those wanting the look of Bluetooth devices, the Styletto X has become a favorite of stylish conscious wearers.

Additionally, the Styletto X hearing aids have the world’s first motion sensors to allow you to hear more clearly when walking and talking with someone.  Styletto X is also clinically proven to help you hear clearer in noisy environments and optimize sound in noisy environments.  Froehlich, Freels, and Powers published a paper in 2015 showing speech recognition is outstanding from Styletto’s beamforming hearing aids.

Signia’s Styletto X also delivers outstanding features including:

  • Portable charging case capable of keeping your aids charged for 3 more days in case you become disconnected from electric service
  • Provides wireless Bluetooth connectivity for music and phone calls
  • Allows seamless ocean wave, Tinnitus sound therapy options

Silk X™

Signia’s Silk X™ is a popular and discreet hearing aid for those who want to hear everything, but want the most discreet hearing aid available.  The Silk fits ¼” to 1/3” further in your canal than custom in your ear aids.  Someone literally would need to look inches from your ear to be able to see these aids, so they are basically invisible to most people you will meet during the day.  Guys like them for their discreteness and women wear them if they pull their hair back often.

The Silk X is comfortable with a silicone, soft sleeve or dome which touches the skin in your canal.  This design allows for same day testing and fitting of your hearing aids.  Like the Charge and Go, the Silk delivers the same award winning sound and can be controlled using your Signia App or miniPocket remote control.

Pure ® Charge&Go X

Signia’s Pure®  Charge&Go X is a gamechanger as it allows you to use a hearing aid and then simply place it in an inductive (no copper contacts for you to get hurt) charger overnight so you can use it for the entire next day.  It only takes 3 hours to charge and the you can use it all day.  The charger is small and easily fits on your night table or in your pocket book.

Pure® 312 X

Signia’s Pure® 312 X hearing aids bring the same clarity as the Xperience Pure charge and go, but with on-demand power from the 312 disposable batteries.  These also have the amazing sound you get in the CNG aids.

Signia App

Signia’s app for your smartphone will be the best thing to help you while you are living life and enjoying hearing all of your new environments.  In addition to changing volume, sound balance (bass and treble), and programs, the Signia app allows you to customize your directional listening experience by simply touching on your smartphone which direction that you want to hear.  As long as your fingers move, this is as simple to use as a TV remote control.

Signia’s App let’s you:

  • Change the volume
  • Select the appropriate program for a situation
  • Slide the bass or treble setting
  • Focus your conversations using the directional button

Signia Assistant

Signia’s Assistant appears as a face in the upper right-hand side of the Signia app on your smartphone.  When you select the Signia Assistant, it helps you by prompting you with questions about what you need help with.  It asks if you need help with background noise, your voice, other people, the TV or other items.  The Signia Assistant uses artificial intelligence to learn what you like and provide you with the best hearing experience for your lifestyle.

The Signia Assistant is available using your Signia app on your Apple or Android smartphone.  Some of the other benefits of using the Signia Assistant are:

  • Access to details of your appointment
  • A personal assistant that can help you with your hearing aids 24 hours per day
  • The capability for you to customize your hearing experience as you navigate through new hearing experiences which give you trouble