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Overcome Your Social Isolation, And Reduce Your Depression.

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Friday, February 16, 2024

Tony Napoletano has been helping clients overcome social isolation and reduce by helping them to hear clearly for years in Delaware and Chester Counties.

Let’s be honest, no one wants to be socially isolated or become depressed from not understanding and connecting with those around them.  Although much is written about therapy and medications to address these issues, most people do not realize that “Hearing Loss” is responsible for the social isolation and depression of many seniors, especially women.  Tony Napoletano is providing solutions with proper hearing assessments, fitting of revolutionary hearing devices, and on-going support.

Tony Napoletano expressed his satisfaction with the performance of selected hearing aids:  “We can now offer a solution to eliminate social isolation and depression caused by hearing loss.  All of this is done for a reasonable price!”

Proper fitting with the appropriate hearing aids will allow you to hear speech in background noise.

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Here’s What Our Customers are Saying!

Jeanne Read

Tony is the best! He has unlimited patience and really cares about his clients and their families. He explained everything from the hearing test, the results, the device, how it works, and how important one’s hearing is to their cognitive health. Thanks to Tony, my 88 year old father can now join in family conversations and talk on the phone, (or FaceTime) with his 7 children, 19 grandchildren and 6 great grandchildren.5 stars! If I could give him 10 stars, I would!

George Guarini

Received my hearing aids a couple of weeks ago and without a doubt Tony is the tops, patient and understanding he will work with you, explain clearly all you need to know about your hearing aids etc.I have been back a couple of times for minor adjustments and completely satisfied with the service. Tony Napoletano is a local business and is the place to go for Hearing Aids.

Testimonial – Joan L.

It was a great experience with Tony. I can hear again and it’s been a long time since that happened. To show me how well they worked, Tony walked me outside to the sidewalk. The trucks and buses were whizzing by. Needless to say it was very loud. Tony stood me next to a sign and walked down to a tree, about a room distance away. He began to speak. asking questions. Unbelievably, I heard every word he said. Then he took the time to explain everything to me, instructed me on ear care, and had me do everything myself so I could learn and be confident with the new hearing aids.  It was a pleasure working with him!

Testimonial – Theresa C.

A couple of years ago my sister came to live with me after having spent many years in South Africa. She had hearing aids that were “molds” because she was difficult to fit. She lost one of them and a friend of mine recommended Tony.   Well Tony managed to easily fit her and the new aids are much easier to put in. I had hearing aids from a different vendor and had some difficulty with the sound often being shrill. I frequently needed to adjust the treble and bass. During Covid one of them broke and got lost in the mail, so I needed a replacement. I decided to go to Tony since he was so good with my sister. I love these hearing aids. The sound is so natural and they are so comfortable that I forget I am wearing them. Even though I wear my hair very short they are never noticeable. Tony is very competent and a delight to work with. I am grateful to my friend Ann for the recommendation.

#1: Social Isolation & Depression.

Hearing loss is like the social isolation that everyone experienced while quarantining from the global virus. The difference is, when you have hearing loss, you are isolated everyday — permanently. When you can’t hear the way you used to, coping with everyday life can be a constant frustrating ordeal. Straining to hear what people are saying or to read their lips takes a lot more energy than normal listening. A lot of people actually develop headaches from it. You may find yourself avoiding everyday activities that are more challenging. You may avoid social gatherings or decline invitations to parties. As you interact less with family, friends, and co-workers, feelings of anxiety, sadness, and depression can increase. Women, in particular, often sink into depression when they feel cut off from conversations with the people around them. Worst of all, the auditory deprivation you experience from hearing loss can affect your ability to regain hearing in the future — even with hearing aids. If you wait until these issues become unbearable, you may find that you waited too long.

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