Sonic’s Captivate uses the latest SoundDNA technology platform to deliver clear conversations even with background noise.  Annoying feedback is practically eliminated, keeping these annoyances to a minimum.  Wearers can connect via their smartphone and other wireless devices.  Sonic’s Captivate is stylish, discrete and very customizable.  It is resistant to dust and moisture and can provide a full day’s charge with one charge.

Captivate MiniRITE T R

Sonic’s Captivate MinRite T R eliminates the need to change disposable batteries.  It connects wirelessly to you Apple smartphone so you can listen to music and enjoy phone conversations with friends.  There are also other accessories so you can connect to any Bluetooth device.


Sonic’s SoundClip A streams to Enchant 2.4 GHz hearing aids and allows the wearer to enjoy stereo streaming with Android smartphones.  It also functions as a remote control, a remote microphone and allows the wearer’s hearing aids to be worn as wireless headphones for hand free phone calls.

RC-A Remote Control

Easy Remote Control
Sonic’s Easy Remote Control uses little power and delivers discreet volume and program changes to the wearers’ hearing aids.  It’s easy to use this remote with larger buttons so dexterity issues are no longer an issue.

TV-A Adapter

Enjoy the TV shows now
Sonic’s TV Adapter, allows your shows to come right into your hearing aids automatically.  This optional accessory connects to your TV and then wirelessly send the audio to the wearers hearing aids.  Now you can enjoy your TV shows directly into your hearing aids.

Phone Adapter 2

You don’t have to miss a call
Sonic’s phone adapter 2 allows hands free conversations with landline phones.  The wearer just needs to adjust the volume when needed.  Enjoy your calls from home now.

SoundLink 2 App

Sonic’s SoundLink 2 app enables wearers to change the volume and the programs.  It also let the wear to “find their hearing aid” as long as they are connected via Bluetooth to their smartphone.  The smartphone app also shows battery levels of the hearing aids and shows access to hearing aid user instructions.  The Sonic SoundLink 2 app is also used to connect users to their GO service on IFTTT and has other features including:

  • Event logs
  • LEFT and RIGHT individual volume controls
  • Tinnitus therapy sound control
  • Supports remote microphones via the SoundClip