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Sounds that bring smiles back

Once you start hearing again, what are the most exciting sounds that people enjoy the most?  The answers really depend on how old you are when you get your first hearing aids, but they are all equally exciting to the new user of hearing aids.  Some people are happy to have a regular conversation with their Mom again, some people and their spouses are glad they can talk with each other without screaming, younger mothers are happy they can hear everything from their kids again.  New users are ecstatic they can hear people in back of them talking to them and they did not realize how nice this is.  Of course, hearing babies and pets and grandchildren also rank as extremely emotional new sounds.  Having the speech clarity to hear loved ones universally brings back smiles.  2018 hearing aids from Lansdowne Hearing can help.

What are some other special moments for new users?

Some people come in and say they do not hear their friends anymore at the restaurant and they feel like one of the group when they can hear again.  Guys tell us that hearing their grandchildren again is very important, because now they have the time to spend with them.  Some tell us they just like being able to hear the spouse whispering, or children’s voices or birds singing.

Try the world’s first natural own voice!  Clinically proven to be the best!

Signia (Siemens) Nx:

  • Most natural hearing experience
  • Improves immediate acceptance of your own voice by 75%
  • Outstanding speech quality
  • Crystal clear sound in all listening environments
  • World’s first Own Voice Processing (OVPTM)

Signia (Siemens) Nx was clinically proven in a 2017 “First Fit Study” conducted at Hörzentrum Oldenburg and a clinical study done at the University of Northern Colorado and published in February 2018.  Lansdowne Hearing can help you hear like you were 21 years old again!

Those with tinnitus are very happy that the various tinnitus therapies available help them to forget about tinnitus.  They enjoy ocean waves or various pleasant background sounds and they do not notice their annoying tinnitus.

Having a feeling of safety is also important.  People have told us when they get out of their car and are walking in a parking lot, they can hear all around them.  Also, they start to experience sounds from all around them and they feel more safe and apart of their surroundings.

Confidentiality and comfort in your own home

Lansdowne Hearing respects your privacy and we will test and fit you in your home with your family present.  In this way, you can be confident that you will hear in the place where you spend most of your time.  We look forward to helping you to live a more enriching life.

Improve your hearing and your  life.  Confidentially get assistance now!  

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