Starkey is the only American owned and operated hearing aid company, was founded in 1967, and is an innovation leader in the hearing aid industry.  Starkey make about 33% of all custom hearing aids in the US and provides an extensive line of hearing aids for all hearing levels.

Artificial Intelligence Makes Hearing Effortless

Starkey’s latest hearing technology processes sounds with up to 55 million adjustments to your hearing aids every hour.  Starkey’s Evolv AI automatically supplies natural sounding hearing whether you’re in a quiet room or in a restaurant with friends.  Evolv AI makes it effortless to hear because the processor in the hearing aids do all the work to make your hearing experience more natural.

Now You have the Edge

Starkey’s Livio Edge AI integrates artificial intelligence in a hearing aid allowing more intelligence to deliver you speech clarity in background noise.  You can experience this technology in the behind the ear models or with the custom, in-the-ear models and both of these styles are rechargeable.

Starkey’s Livio AI is built on Starkey’s most powerful Thrive platform.  The Livio AI helps to track your brain and body health as it features integrated sensors and artificial intelligence.  Livio AI tracks your cognitive health (brain health) and physical activity via the measurements from the hearing aids when conversing with others.  Fitness tracking devices use wrist devices, but Livio AI’s uses the ear to provide more accurate data.  Some say it is the most reliable location for tracking and Livio AI is the first to utilize the ear for this function.

Starkey’s Livio delivers wireless Bluetooth connectivity with fantastic speech clarity.  Starkey calls the technology Hearing Reality which helps to be effective in areas with a lot of background noise.  Livio’s Hearing Reality also is quiet in quiet setting and enjoyable in loud settings.  These aids connect seamlessly with our accessories and your smart phone so you can wirelessly connect via Bluetooth to your smartphone and other devices.  The biggest benefit is speech clarity in a variety of environments.  Starkey’s Livio also:

  • Allows remote programming for your hearing instrument specialist to help you remotely with minor hearing aid adjustments
  • Wirelessly streams music and conversations from your smartphone via Bluetooth
  • Helps you to hear the people you want while quieting the background noise
  • Supplying speech clarity and undetectable hearing transitions

Starkey’s Picasso hearing aids are built on the Synergy platform and utilizes the Hearing Reality which was designed to provide better sound quality.  The aids try to replicate nature and deliver outstanding sound quality.  These aids are customizable and come in many form factors to provide enhance sound from Starkey.

Starkey’s Muse iQ is a powerful, rechargeable hearing aid with superior sound quality, reliable operation, and enhanced speech clarity.  Muse iQ can handle noisy environments so you can be confident you will hear the people you want without being overwhelmed by the background noise.

Starkey’s Halo iQ connects to Apple and Android devices with wireless Bluetooth.  It is made with our TruLink Technology (2.4 GHz wireless platform) that provides ultra-high definition audio streaming for music, phone and TV.  Halo iQ has advanced noise reduction processing and directional microphones to help you decipher wanted voices from background noises.  In the end, you get wireless streaming and a clean, crisp sound in difficult listening environments.

Starkey’s Sound Lens Synergy is our premium, invisible hearing aid solution that we believe is the best on the market.  Your provider will take impressions of your ear canal shape and we then make custom sized aids so they fit deep in your ear.  We only want you to know they are there and we don’t want anyone else to see them.  This are audibly robust despite their size and are suitable for clients with mild to severe hearing loss.  The Sound Lens Synergy is the first and most popular custom fit invisible in-the-ear aid ever made.


Redefining Rechargers

Starkey created innovative charging systems that are small, long lasting, and very intuitive to use.  The charging products are:

  • Available in Livio AI, Livio and Muse iQ RIC rechargeable hearing aids
  • Used with the smallest rechargeable hearing aid available now
  • Able to hold enough power to recharge the aids without the use of electricity
  • Capable of delivering power for long periods of time to enjoy stellar hearing

Mini Turbo Charger

Starkey’s lithium-ion charger allows you to charge your aids, put them on, and wear them all day.  This charger is good for use with the Livio AI, Livio and Muse-iQ rechargeable hearing aids.  This mini turbo-charger:

  • Has a built in charger that can charge a pair of aids four times without the use of electricity
  • Will charge your hearing aids in less than three hours
  • Allows you to hear for 3.5 hours with just a seven minute charge