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Stereotypes about hearing aids

What do Bono from U2, Phil Collins, Halle Berry, Rob Lowe, David Hasselhoff, Keifer Sutherland and Bill Clinton all have in common?  They all wear hearing aids fashionably and discreetly.

Hearing aids are not the large devices that your grandparents wore when you were growing up.  Hearing aids are so discreet today that most people did not know that the above famous people wear hearing aids.  They want to hear and they are in the public eye so want something that is discreet and fashionable.  Whether you are a guy or a girl, there are discreet hearing aids available that will help you to hear again like you are 21 years old again.  Studies show that hearing loss contributes to depression, dementia and the risk of falling.

Lansdowne Hearing will help fit you with styles and designs that fit your lifestyle.  Whether it is discreet inside your ear or discreet behind your hear, we will provide you with a discreet and effective solution to fit your budget.

Want to know a little more about stereotypes?

Some people say think that you can’t use hearing aids with your cell phone or home phone.  The exact opposite is true.  With today’s technology, users can hear on the phone much easier due to built in technology that automatically detects the telephone.  Also, now there are actually hearing aids that will stream your iPhone telephone directly into your hearing aids through blue tooth.

Those that believe you can’t watch big screen TV or go rock climbing also will be shocked.  For television, there are two new technologies that help.  Lansdowne Hearing will program a TV program to handle the mechanical sounds of TV or radio.  We can also provide you with hearing aids that will actually stream the TV program directly into your hearing aids which is cutting edge.

There are people that say hearing aids will make me look old.  Take a look at Halle Berry, Rob Lowe or Keiffer Sutherland.  These seem to think hearing aids are so discreet you do not even see them.  They wear hearing aids so they can still work and participate in everything that their Hollywood lifestyle entails.  They are in the spotlight and you probably did not know they wear hearing aids.  This shows you that hearing aids are unnoticeable while helping you to hear again like your are 21 years old.

Some believe that radiation from hearing aids would be harmful, but the Health Physics Society disproved that myth.  The transmission frequencies of hearing aids are regulated by the Federal Communications Commission. In general, most medical devices are relatively insensitive to most radiations encountered in normal daily living, including most medical x-ray and even therapy machines. The one exception is magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), where the high magnetic fields will interfere with any magnetic objects. Users of such products are well aware of this.  So if you every get an MRI, please take off your hearing aids before getting your MRI.

Lansdowne Hearing can find hearing aids to help you with your hearing loss!  


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