Why Lansdowne Hearing is #1

Customer voice 

“First of all, their service and courteous service says it all.  I found them from their website.  My visits are very informative.  Lansdowne Hearing had me at their office at least four times to adjust to my needs.  I have tinnitus very bad and they supplied me with very invisible hearing aids that adjust by using my phone.  I am so pleased to hear my grandchildren, thanks to Lansdowne Hearing!”
Michael T.

  1. You get testing in your home when you want.  We come to your home in Eastern Delaware County, PA and West Philadelphia.  We come to you as many of our customers like immediately experiencing hearing in the comfort of their own home with their family.
  2. You will get many references of happy customers.  We do everything we can to help you hear and will share other customer stories.  Lansdowne Hearing is always available via phone or email.  We have hours 6 days per week and provide a wheel chair ramp when needed.   We focus on helping younger, more active customers through centenarians (30 years old to 100+ years old) – which sets us apart from other hearing care specialists.
  3. You get expert care from licensed hearing experts.  We are licensed in Pennsylvania and continually get medical, product and fitting training.  If your devices need more adjustments, we can help customize them to your unique lifestyle.  We get involved with insurance verification and supply multiple financing options for everyone.
  4. You get a 30-day free trial, along with a money-back guarantee.  We offer a 30-day, money-back guarantee as prescribed by the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.
  5. You receive recommendations on top technology.  We help you whether you want invisible hearing aids or aids that stream by blue tooth into your hearing aids.  We offer devices from all the major manufacturers, which means you can choose the perfect hearing aid from the many models available.
  6. You can hear from both sides of your head even with a bad ear.   We can help you hear from the side of your head that has a deaf ear.  We utilize high technology and your good ear will allow you to hear at all times from your left and rights sides so you don’t miss any conversations.
  7. You select from hearing aids based on your budget and lifestyle.  We learn about your needs, lifestyle and budget and then select and provide hearing aids so you can hear.  With thousands of customers, we have enough experience to help you find the perfect hearing aids that meet your needs and fit your budget.
  8. You get the accessories you want.   We supply you items that help you like key chain remote to change the volume, or wireless aids to receive phone calls and TV directly through blue tooth, or lithium ion batteries that you change every 3-5 years.
  9. You get an expert in making custom molds and aids.  We are trained in creating comfortable molds and hearing aids, even when you have had problems elsewhere.  We also supply miniature aids that can be placed behind the ears.
  10. You receive expertise of us and our manufacturing network.  We work with on whatever requirement you have and leverage our technical manufacturing experts when needed so we have a very large team..

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