Widex is part of one of the largest hearing aid groups in the world since it partnered with Sivantos in recent years.  Widex was founded in 1956, is based in Denmark and typically focused on high end hearing aids.  It operated as a family-owned business until it partered with Sivantos.  Widex is famous for the development of its tinnitus management program called Zen and for developing the first 100% digital in ear hearing aid.

Now is the Time to Hear a Great Hearing Aid

Widex’s Moment™ is a game changer for natural, crisp sound.  For other manufacturers, the sound into a hearing aid is processed and sent to the eardrum later than sound heard without hearing aids.  This time delay causes an artificial sound as the two signals are out of sync.

Widex’s Moment utilizes ZeroDelay™ technology to eliminate the artificial sound from out of sync signals.  An April 2020 paper in Hearing Review by Balling, Townend, Georg, and Switalksi addresses this.   The paper is called “Reducing Hearing Aid Delay fof Optimal Sound Quality. –  A New Paradigm in Processing.


Widex created a truly revolutionary improvement in hearing aid technology.  Widex Moment delivers the advancement which is noticeable in quiet and noisy environments.

Many tests show new and experienced wearers like the Widex Moment’s PureSound program when transitioning from quiet to noisy environments.

You Will Hear the Difference.


The Widex MOMENT mRIC model is the world’s smallest rechargeable RIC but the charger delivers all the power required for you to hear every “moment” throughout the day.

The charger is slim and discreet and will equip your Widex Moment aids to work all day.


WIDEX MOMENT™ protects from moisture damage with a special shell design.  The advanced water-resistant nano coating, durable microphones and smart engineering help to deliver sound in difficult environmental situations.

Since the batteries are sealed in the hearing aid shell, there are less places for moisture to invade the hearing aids.  This also helped making a more durable aid.


WIDEX MOMENT™ comes in three different RIC models for auditory and aesthetic reasons.  You can discuss this with your hearing instrument specialist.



Widex EVOKE hearing aids utilize smart technology and get smarter with extended use.  Evoke learns your preferences from analysis when you wear the hearing aids.  The wearer can also provide your preferences using the Evoke app.  When you use the SoundSense technology, your hearing aids will store your preferences and automatically adjust to different situations.  By tapping you’re your smartphone, you can adjust your Widex EVOKE hearing aids.

Widex EVOKE give you the capability to automatically change your hearing aids to the listening environment.  You can do this or change the hearing aids using your smartphone app.

Widex EVOKE leverages the experiences from wearers globally to create a near perfect listening experience for everyone.  The cumulation of anonymous wearers data help to continually make better hearing aids for everyone.

EVOKE is available in four technology levels to address wearers from mild to profound hearing losses.  Models can also be selected based on your lifestyle and technology and features needed.


Wireless connection redefined.

Widex BEYOND™ was made for the Apple iPhone and connects with Bluetooth connectivity to bring you music and conversations through your phone.  You can also use the Widex app to control your Widex BEYOND hearing aids using your Apple or Android smartphone.  Some additional features include:

  • Longest battery life in the world means less battery changes
  • Clear wireless streaming music and conversations on the phone
  • Over 30% increased speech understanding in windy situations
  • Automatic connection to your Apple iPhone and T-Coils
  • Smartphone app that is easy to use to change volume and programs

Widex BEYOND comes in three technology levels and a variety of options for your hearing loss whether it’s mild to profound.  Select your color and have your hearing instrument specialist help to select and fit your hearing aids.


WIDEX UNIQUE hearing aids allow you to capture a lot more sounds all the time.  Listen to the sounds you want from high frequency sound to lower frequency sounds and do this while decreasing the background sounds that you don’t want to hear.  The UNIQUE detects your listening environment and makes sure you hear the conversations and not the unwanted sounds.

WIDEX UNIQUE hearing aids deliver crisp sounds more robustly.  They deliver clearer conversations in whatever environment that you travel to.

Colors and Models

Widex UNIQUE is available in three Behind-the-ear (BTE) models and three In-the-ear (ITE) models. Your hearing instrument specialist will help you to select the proper model for your hearing loss, your lifestyle, and your fashion sense as they are available in a number of colors.

Hearing Aid Accessories

Widex accessories, help to connect your hearing aids to smartphones, TV’s and other Bluetooth devices so you are more connected to the world around you.  With the accessories, you can connect instantly to:

  • Your smartphone for music and conversations
  • TV for uninterrupted entertainment
  • Controlling your aids with your smartphone app
  • Outside devices for enhanced listening


Hear TV Sound Like Never Before.

TV PLAY has a patent-pending dual antenna technology that delivers sound clearly to your hearing aids.  Uninterrupted TV streaming with clear sound is delivered to your Widex aids.


Keeps You Connected With Mobile Phones And Bluetooth Devices.

With the COM-DEX accessory, the wearer can have wireless conversations and talk hands free using your hearing aids easily.  The COM-DEX is place around your neck using a lanyard and it connects wirelessly to your hearing aids.  You control your aids remotely with your COM-DEX app which adjusts your volume, programs, and sound direction.


Hear Conversations In Detail.

The COM-DEX Remote Mic  is a solution for navigating noisy background environment.  The wearer connects it wirelessly to your hearing aids using the COM-DEX.  You can put it on your shirt or next to the person you want to hear for easy listening.


For Mobile Phones And Audio Devices.

The UNI-DEX  requires the wearer to plug the mini jack cable into your smartphone, put the UNI DEX lanyard around your neck, and start streaming.  Conversations are directed right to your Widex hearing aids and you can talk hands free when using your hearing aids in conversation on your smartphone.

For Discreet Streaming From Mobile Phones.

The CALL-DEX  delivers a small device to stream conversations from your smartphone to your hearing aids.  The CALL DEX plugs into your phone and then you use the phone normally.


For Easy Landline Use.

Widex’s  PHONE-DEX 2 is a cordless phone that works as a regular phone for the whole family and streams sound directly into the hearing devices of those wearing the Widex hearing aids.  If wanted, you can get a second handset and charging station as an add on.


For Enjoying TV.

Widex’s TV-DEX accessory eliminates the echoes from the TV and wirelessly streams sounds directly to your hearing aids.  You can select to hear others in the room and the TV or simply block out others in the room and only hear the TV.  The later selection eliminates any background noise in the listening environment. 


Your Remote Control

The RC-DEX accessory is the remote control that helps you to control volume and programs.  It is small like a car key and can be used by those that don’t like to deal with wireless remote controls.

For Flexible Streaming

FM+DEX converts signals from an FM receiver, telecoil, or audio line in and streams high-quality sound to Widex wireless hearing aids. It also can be used as a telecoil for classrooms and other public buildings.  Wearers can stream their music with the audio line in function.