For those who want to answer your phone or listen to your TV wirelessly through your hearing aids, Lansdowne Hearing can help you.  Now, you can stream phone calls, music and more from your iPhone to your hearing aids.  Signia’s new hearing aids lets you connect wirelessly to your iPhone without the need for an intermediary device.   Below Lansdowne Hearing tells you more about the wireless hearing aids.

Want to learn more about wireless Bluetooth® hearing aids?

Now, there is a hearing aid that provides better-than-normal hearing in difficult situations.  Signia has done it right with their Signia X hearing aids that combine with a smart phone app to deliver effortless hearing.  The app makes it the optimal personalized hearing experience, so you can hear like you were 21 years old again.

There are five advantage of Bluetooth wireless hearing aids and they are:

StreamLine TV:  You can listen to the TV by having the audio portion streamed directly into your Signia hearing aids.  Then, you can use your smart phone (or another remote) to control the volume, base and treble sounds.

Phone calls:  You can now stream phone calls from your family, friends and co-workers from your iPhone directly into your hearing aids for effortless convenience.

Music:  You can enjoy your favorite music directly into your hearing aids for an incredible listening time without any other wires or devices

Motion reader:  Signia hearing aids adjust their settings based via an app in your smart phone. This gives you an optimal listening experience even when you are on the move.

Sound exposure:  Signia hearing aids create an individual sound profile over time based on noise exposure. They actually help to look after your hearing health.  It is like a fitness tracker for your ears to monitor your sound exposure so you can protect your hearing.

Lansdowne Hearing knows you want to hear your grandchildren when they call and you want to hear them clearly.  Signia’s new wireless hearing aids allow you to hear others while talking at home, walking down the street with car noise, or at a noisy restaurant.