Introducing The Moxi Family

Unitron’s Moxi hearing aids utilize SoundCore technology which delivers speech intelligibility and sound quality at unmatched levels.  They are available in seven different RIC hearing aids and also are available in the Moxi JumpR which is a rechargeable RIC.


Unitron’s Insera hearing aids come equipped with dynamic features in a small footprint.  These are for wearers who require a discreetly fitting hearing aid in your ear canal.  This powerful hearing aid will help you to have incredible speech understanding while keeping away unwanted background noise.


Unitron’s Stride hearing aids are driven by Tempus and are known for a comfortable fit and intuitive controls that wearers really enjoy.  When you choose the Stride MR you will also be able to enjoy Stride in the rechargeable version.  It is a BTE for those with severe to profound hearing loss that enables the wearer to hear clearly in all listening environments.


Unitron’s superpower hearing aids that provide the power required for those with severe to profound hearing loss.  Its feature of optimizing speech perception and environmental awareness gives the wearer more confidence in your life.


Unitron Smart Control Remote

Enjoy a finer level of control

Unitron’s complete remote control allows wearers to make a lot of adjustments to their hearing aids for better speech clarity.

Unitron UStream

Always be discreet

Unitron hearing aid wearers listen to high quality music through high quality connectivity to their smartphones and TVs.

Unitron UDirect3

Enjoy streaming of conversations

Unitron’s hands-free accessory connects wearers to the smartphone and TVs with high quality sound and utilizing long battery life.

Unitron UTV3

We will entertain you

Unitron uTV3 delivers the sound from the TV directly to both hearing aids, so that you enjoy all your TV shows.

Unitron UControl

When you need smart adjustments

Wearers can change volume or programs of their hearing aids.