CROS and BiCROS hearing aids help people with unaidable hearing loss in one ear, so they can effectively hear on both sides using one good ear.  They allow you to have better speech clarity and hear on both your left and right sides with less effort and strain.  You are now able to enjoy life’s true sound!  It is done with hearing aids that are barely visible and connect via the CROS hearing aid wirelessly.  If someone is talking on the side of your bad (wrong) ear, the CROS hearing aid on that side processes this speech and wirelessly transmits it to the better ear with amplified speech signals.

Want to know more about CROS/BiCROS hearing aids?

CROS/BiCROS hearing aids allow you to hear clearly anytime and anywhere even if you have an ear that does not respond to a hearing aid.  This allows you to hear clearly on the phone, at work, or at dinner due to the wireless transmission from the “wrong” ear to the ear with better hearing.  You will have better speech clarity even on the side of your “wrong” ear, even in noisy environments with the background noise reduction functionality.  The Signia aids identify the target speech source and isolate it by reducing other competing speech and noise.  This sophisticated technology allows for speech clarity in a restaurant, bar, or other noisy environment.

Do you want to hear on both sides even with a deaf ear?

If you have a slight hearing loss on one ear and are deaf in one ear, you can now have speech clarity on both sides.  With only one ear that can hear, it can be extremely tiring in daily situation to hear on both sides.  It is always hard for you to understand speech in noisy environments and can be very draining.  CROS solutions help people with only one good ear, while BiCROS solutions help people with a hearing loss in one ear and no hearing in the other ear.  Signia CROS/BiCROS products helps to reduce your listening effort using wireless technology.

When you have a unilaterally unaidable hearing loss in one ear, it can be difficult when in a noisy environment like a trade show, restaurant or sporting event.  The voices will be indistinct or not heard at all when they come from your “wrong” side.  It gets old and is tiring to constantly move your head to try to hear someone.  Obviously, this is not an option while you are driving.  With your speech clarity very limited in these situations, now there is a solution which is the CROS/BiCROS and Lansdowne Hearing can help you with a free trial of this technology.

Now is the time to start hearing sounds from both sides!  You can now hear people on both sides even when the person is speaking on your “wrong” side and even when you are at a trade show, noisy restaurant or sporting event.  The Siemens CROS/BiCROS transmitters on your “wrong” ear help to gather the speech and wirelessly transmit the digitally processed signals to a Siemens hearing aid on your good side.  When your good side has normal hearing, this product is called a CROS.  When your good side has some hearing loss, this product is called a BiCROS.  In this case, the hearing aid will deliver the combined amplified sound from both sides to your good side.  Both are very small and discreet and deliver speech clarity to both sides!